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Blunt cruising 101

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Purpleghostsmoke5, Oct 12, 2014.

  1. What's good family!? Hope everyone lighting one up as they're reading. So look guys, I'm about to make a road trip down to MD from PA with my homie. He should have a blunt for the ride. Any tips to keep it a pleasurable and Fed-free experience? Couple things you guys should know before replying too. Idk what my mans will be carrying but I think he'll have an eighth on him, but we're only sparking on J. Also we're leaving off the super early 5am EST. It's about a 2 1/2 hour trip but I keep it around 70 mpr on the pedal probably faster since it's early in the morning. About 3 tolls on the drive down as well. Alright tokers! What you guys think?

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    i never drive anywhere without a blunt :smoking:
    literally ;)
    road trips are the best. roll a few up before you leave, get some beverages, and you're good to go
  3. It's all good unless a cop pulls you over for any reason. I'm sure smell will be in there, probably less likely though if all your windows are all down cruising at 70mph
  4. Keep your windows down while smoking and your buds on your person!

  5. That's whats up. Feeling a lot more confident about this drive. I'll make sure to keep my blunt power on my person as well. Thanks people. Get lit!

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  6. yea, i mean, observe the rules of the road. don't be a jackass, be discrete.
    if you smoke cigs that heps too. i lieght a cig, then the lunt and just cruise with my hand on the wheel with the cig and the blunt tucked down.
    i'm also the only one smoking too, so not passing it around the car. this is fairly obvious and more likely to cause an issue
  7. It's easy, I would make sure your brake lights and head lights all work and don't speed. They won't pull you over if you don't break the law.

    I keep some Ozium in the car it's the best to cover the smell quickly when I'm done.

    Time it so you're not smoking through the toll, unless it's automated, I'm from Cali I've never seen a toll booth lol
  8. i've been driving, legally :laughing: , for 12 years now and have not once, ever been pulled over while smoking weed
  9. i generally like to pull over to smoke but im really bad at multitasking when it comes to smoking and driving for that matter get distracted super easy
  10. Don't smoke it like a joint.  Smoke it like a cigarette and pass it down low.  Don't try to be cool and do it in front of people because people suck and will call the cops just to stroke their egos.
  11. cops don't pat down your cock region. tell him to find a way to hide his weed there just incase you do get pulled over. Works wonders

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