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Blunt carrying case?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ChrisSmokes, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. So I don't usually travel with Blunts or anything... but I'm wondering how should i go about carrying it without breaking it? It didn't come with a case or anything so idk.. I would preferably like to use something thats nnot too sketchy. like no cd case or anything :p..
  2. just put it in an old envelope with a couple other ones (just to look less suspicious) and just put it wherever you want...
  3. I mean it will be in my pocket all day and I would be pissed if it broke.
  4. Like a sunglasses container thing if you have big enough pockets. If not you can prolly go to lens crafters and get some long thin glasses holders.
  5. I'm a girl so I have a little gold makeup bag I just keep in my purse with my grinder, papers, blunt wraps, green, etc.. it has little compartments to seperate shit so I can have a blunt ready to go too.. lol Might not work for a guy though but it's really handy for me..
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    buy a dutch or white owl in the plastic tube...they are good for stashing roaches, ground up bud u need to take over to ur friends, or even a rolled up L...just make sure the blunt isnt longer than the tube when u roll it.

  7. yea a whiteowl tube would be your best shot.
  8. Exactly, or a philly tube.
  9. I usually buy white owls in the foil pouch, and smoke it shortly after I roll it. I slip the blunt back into the pouch and then carry that around until I am ready to smoke it, I just put it in a hoody pocket and try not to break it
  10. Those cases you use when your traveling and you need somewhere to put your toothbrush.

    Ive used one before and it worked perfectly.

    The best idea is to definetly use a white owl tube though
  11. White owl tubes are your best bet, but if you aren't trying to look suspicious then I'd go with something else. There's thousands of possibilities, my friend once hollowed out his flashlight and carried his shit in there
  12. Or go to a smoke shop and buy a prerolled wrap. They come in containers similar to the White Owls. You can roll the blunt and stick it right back where it came from haha.
  13. Hollow out a sharpie.
  14. stick mine in dvd cases
  15. try using a highlighter and take that ink part out or a pen...although idk if that would be long enough
  16. they sell one on here that's like a hollowed-out version of a large sharpie or highlighter. it works great for Ls, Js, cones, et al.
  17. MandMs minnies. they come in a tube. or yea just use a white owl tube.

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