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Blunt Bros. Burns Down!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by adamBC, Apr 28, 2004.

  1. NOoooo!!

    The Vancouver weed cafe Blunt Bros. burnt down Monday... terrible terrible news!

    I hope they rebuild, but im not sure what the plan is currently.

    Im looking for a news story i can post.

    For all you people who watch Pot-Tv, it was hurt in the blaze too.

    Aswell the main office of the BC Marijuana Party, and a few other weed realted businesses like head shops.

    Vancouvers Pot Block has taken a HUGE HIT!! And this one didn't end in coughing laughing and the munchies.

    If anyone has any money to donate, please due! The link above has a Pay Pal button in it. Quoted from the site:

    "A major Fire has wiped out vancouver's famous Pot Block, Blunt bros., Burnt, BC Marijuana Party, Pot TV, the Urban Shaman suffer major Smoke and Water damage.
    Due to the nature of Marc's bussiness, he is basically unisnurable, if you have enjoyed Pot TV over the years and suport the incredible work the BC marijuana Party has been doing, nowmore than ever before we need your support, the PayPal button is there, give as much as you can if you want to see the battle for freedom continue here in Canada at this pivotal time!"

    This is horrible! I hope Mark finds alot of support. Mr. Emery is a role model for all of us pot heads and stoners!
  3. wow, that sucks so hardcore. im sending good karma up northward, good luck. hope it wasnt a pot-related fire!
  4. damn, that sucks......some stupid stoner left a cherry nug on the carpet huh?????
  5. shit, anyone get high from the bud that burned up????

  6. LMAO. I was thinking the same thing.

  7. thats too bad, i was planning a trip to vancity and victoria this summer. now i wont be able to check the cafe out..damn

  8. I bet it was arson.

  9. Very bad news Adam, but thank you for posting and making us all aware. And you're right, Mark is a role model for all of us. I'm going to donate $100.00. May not be much, but it's a start.
  10. Man that is crappy ive heard so many good things about that place. Good karma there way. :)

  11. why so?

    .. dont take that the wrong way, i think so too, i was just wondering why you thought...

  12. supposedly it started in a dumpster out back? spontaneous dumpster combustion isnt too common around vancouver :p

    but man, this is really bad. the new amsterdam cafe was shut down about 2 weeks ago too, so now we have nothing.

    Im happy to report the park across the street from Blunt Bros is the new "memorial" so to speak, and is filled with blunt toking pot heads all day, complete with signs and donation buckets.

    Stoners with calls like "i got five on it" :D hahah are everywhere. It sure is getting alot of support, but due to the sensitive nature, the business was not insurable... so a rebuilding is unlikely without a LOT of public help.

    Indiana, thanks man, they need everything they can get.
  13. The really shitty thing is it won't get the coverage it deserves, just because of the nature of the company... I wouldn't doubt arson either, there are a lot of crazy bastards out there that wouldn't mind buring down a building or two for the cause of the drug war.

  14. That's why I think it might have been arson. Some people are deeply convinced that marijuana is evil and bad for you.
  15. or maybe some guy was just smoking a cig threw it in the dumpster not knowing it was going to hit something combustable and lit the dumpster on fire.

  16. I dunno dude, I hear that dude rips people off and over chanrges a lot. They call him Narc Emery. I don't know him personally, but he doesn't sound like a guy I would trust, let alone donate money too! THink about it, would he send you $ if your house burned down? Keep your hundo!
  18. I wouldn't worry too much, they will pobally be built in few months. ppl will want to invest in the companys as quickly and with watever it will take to make them rebuilt as fast as possible. Also, it's a a company that is making alot of profit so every one will want to invest making them rebuit faster. Kind of like supply and demand.

  19. Don't believe everything you hear. He contributes a lot to the legalization movement in Canada.

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