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Blunt Bowl!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Applegarth, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Me and my friends were sitting around in the woods a hour or so ago and we rolled a massive blunt, well it got to the point where we couldnt hit it cause it was too low.

    there was like at least 2 grams left so we pulled out the pipe, and my one buddy looked at the hole and he was like fuck this.

    he put the end of the blunt in the bowl and we smoked it like that, those were the best blunt hits i have ever did.

    i know this isnt a brand new techinque but i found it funny to see a blunt sticking straight up and out of a small bowl
  2. Me and my friend did the same thing through my bong, it was cool because you still get the blunt flavour with your hit!
  3. Yeah my friend used to stick joints and blunts right into the bowl. Great idea, but it can be harsh due to the paper or blunt.

    Where I got my idea for the marge simpson bowl, just stick a long nug in there and smoke it automatic gun style.
  4. lol nice

    i am thinking about getting that special pipe with the nubbed end so you can slide a joint in, i think that would be nice, cause you can always make one fat joint and slide it in their
  5. That must be a fat ass blunt cause ive never seen a roach that still had 2 grams in it that was to small to smoke.
  6. all you need to do is burn a hole in a waterbottle and stick the blunt in, then a carb... best roach hits ever.
  7. What is the absolute BEST is when you roll a blunt fat enough that you don't need a bowl to smoke it.. You just stick it straight into the downstem in the GONG section and it's the smoothest but hardest hits you will ever have! We smoked a 14 gram blunt out of my 28" double perced bong and it was AMAZING

    Try it!
  8. They have something that serves this purpose.
    Its called a Bullet.Has a rubber side where you put your mouth and a metal side with a cone shaped piece that screws off and you pack weed in it and replace the cap and let the flame go throught the metal opening, or just slide a blunt/joint in the metal hole and light.

    I usually pull out my bullet or bong when Im finishing a blunt
  9. i would never dirty my bong with a blunt :bongin:

    danks only ... no tobacco ever.
  10. ive done this multiple times, its kinda funny to watch the bong/pipe take the blunt hit.

    the hits are usually pretty gnarly too

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