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  1. i haven't seen a blunt appreciation thread before (yes i have searched) so here u go ill start off with a couple

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  2. those are pretty good L's :smoking:
  3. ooh. some where i can post pics.

    i'll be back.

  4. What kind of blunt wraps/cigars are those?

  5. i know the second one is something called a bluntzilla ( i try to stay away from wraps) ill get back to u on the other ones i really high in the morning (wake and bake:smoking:)
  6. il throw down some pics..

  7. man thats a sweet L mmmmmmmmmmm
  8. the biggest blunt I ever rolled.. half oz. strawberry super blunt :hello:
    and thats a Heini tall can :cool:

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  9. 1212092131a.jpg

    i LOVE blunts!
  10. to YourGIGHness
    thats a dirty roll job my man

    kudos to you
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    Love some personal blunts... and joints :smoking:

  12. Here's a honey dutch that I rolled for me and my girl last night.


    It burned for half an hour :smoking:
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  14. them blunts look fatty
  15. i love a fat blunt but i am garbage at rolling
  16. i LOVE blunts.. as a matter of fact im trying to learn how to roll.. what are the best blunts to use if i wanna learn how to roll?
  17. games are my favorite
  18. You my friend have beautiful hands. (no homo)
  19. thank u to everyone who's kept this thread alive so far i throw down another pic sorry its so big[​IMG]
  20. omg i love a good blunt every now and then. i buy by the ounce so idc about tolling up a few gram blunt. sicne todays MLK day ima roll of a fat blunt man :D

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