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  1. UKCIA opposes reclassification plans - this is not progress!
    At first UKCIA saw Blunkett's plan to reclassify cannabis to class C as a positive first step on the inevitable route to the full legalisation and regulation, and congratulated Blunkett to some extent at making this baby-step change in the law. However, despite a year passing since his announcement, the process has yet again been put back, now until January 2004 at the earliest. Worse yet, amendments are being made to the Criminal Justice Bill which make the change almost entirely meaningless in any case.

    Cannabis possession will still be a criminal offence, and still arrestable and imprisonable at the discretion of a police officer, leaving the door open to intimidation of individuals and "justice by postcode". The penalties for dealing/producing class C drugs will become 14 years, which is what they already are for cannabis. Ludicrous new laws such as allowing cannabis users houses' to be confiscated have been suggested. These

    Blunkett - dangerous reforms
    laws will simply serve to clamp down on small-time dealers and growers and allow organised crime to continue to profit from the massive cannabis industry. Users, recreational or medical, will still suffer persecution from the law threatening criminal records and prison and there will be no controls on what is sold as cannabis or to whom. Where is the change?
    It is with regret then that UKCIA must withdraw any support for the current plans. We will continue to campaign for the Government to change the laws to give us our rights back, and reduce any harm done to the individual or society by the use of cannabis.
    We believe the laws against cannabis cause far more harm than the plant ever could.
  2. Man, imprisonment for cannabis? howcome the laws there are so harsh?

    I thought they'd be around the same for all british countries.
  3. i think the word is... placate.

    or something like that. :D idk, i'm dyslexic and drunk. but basically they're trying to subdue us activists into contentment in the idea that change is iminent... little do they realise that the movement has come too far in this country, there are too many who will keep up the fight until full legalisation and utilisation are a reality and all those with prior cannabis (non violent) convictions have the slate wiped clean and are given compensation, and also, all medical users to be given grants to help them produce their own medication. and if any of those demands are not met, the fight will continue.
  4. what's going on with the avatars here? .. oh .. oups ... sorry !!

    these are the little thing to keep the american citizens under a good tight firm leach. while you think on how to get marijuana legalized and all that, GWB keeps ruining our children's planet..

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