Bluish purple speckles and my bud sites

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by joedracer79, Aug 22, 2017.

  1. I noticed on one of my plants that it has speckles of bluish purple where the new growth on the bud sites are,I m completely stumped,the weather is starting to cool down and flowering is starting but not sure that matters ,the plant is extremely healthy just wonder what could this be from?? I also have 3 other plants same strain that are identical and the don t have this happening.It s actually beautiful looking but really weird,lol I ll try to grab pics next time I go out there.
  2. Pic would help. It's probably just from the cold though
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  3. yeah I forgot to grab one defintly will,Thats what I was thinking up in north east days are 80 s or alittle hotter nights have been cooling down to the 70 s
  4. Yep some strains will show color in the northern climate. I have s Death Star that has done this. No worries.

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  6. Cool,I didn't think it was sick or anything like that,I just never seen this before,I m gonna take a few pics it s wickid wild looking,the plant is a strain I bred from blueberry head band x Purple widow ((Purple nurple ))really great strain
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  7. I have two white widows going right next to each other. It got into the 50s for a couple nights and be developed some purple stems. The other didn't. Shit happens. Now it just looks cool
  8. Yeah ,this particular strain has purple stems only to the fan leaves.I just thought it could be a mutation ,I m grabbing pics tomorrow .I ll toss them up here ,It does look cool though.

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