BlueToof Auto by Mephisto Genetics

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  1. Picked up a pack of these babies when Mephisto did their illuminauto 3 drop. Picking a strain was really hard! I also got 3 NCH (northern cheese haze) x sour hound as freebies. She is going to be small as I don't have room but dying to try it out. She is in a rapid rooter and happy frog soil in a one gallon pot. Getting 12 hours light 12 off. I know she needs much more light but this isn't possible right now. Using vivosun 400 watt hps(digibulb) and a 300 watt led and some cfls. 20170721_175115.jpg
  2. 20170801_111238.jpg 20170801_115251.jpg here she is! Healthy and happy
  3. I dont know how old she is today bc i had to start over she got a hair tho

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  4. She is in mid stretch. She is healthy and happy. Cant expect less from Mephisto!

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  5. Stacking up nicely!

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  6. Looks good for 12/12
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  7. Got good potential this strain I'm growing one at moment n colas getting nice n fat ;) last one I did turned in a monster n cropped 7.5 oz dry this is an auto strain I don't mind at all haha mine are through msnl though
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  8. I'm going to have to get a new tent and just strictly do autos bluetoof didn't get enough light she needs 18 hours and only getting 13 a day lol I just stuck one in the tent bc I was dying to try the bluetoof. I have NCH x sour hound and sour livers I still wanna run
  9. Yeah im just doing autos only in my 5x5 tent, my first auto run (2 run total) but im amazed at the speed of growth. Keep us updated =)
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