Blues, the spawning of Satanic music.

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  1. Everyone has heard the Blues myth... That all Blues has satanic origin, I personally believe this. The theory extends to present day music, meaning most of the music today has satanic influence. Lets start off from the beginning:

    Robert Johnson, the first man to play blues. He first picked up a guitar, and tried to play, but he was not very good. He wanted to be great, he wanted overnight success. So one night a figure appeared in front of him, and instructed him to go to a crossroad, to sell his soul. He went to the crossroad, and the devil appeared, tuned his guitar, played a few songs, then handed it back to him. The next day Johnson could play guitar better than anyone, and had an amazing blues voice, both of which take years of practice were attained overnight... Strange.

    Robert Johnson even has songs named "Crossroads" "Me and the Devil Blues" and "Hell hound on my trail." It seems like he was quite open about it, he even told friends that he had sold his soul. But the hellhound caught up to Robert, and ended his life. He died at 27, of mysterious circumstances.

    Perhaps the most mysterious prospect of the story, is that Robert Johnson could write such good music, with no knowledge of music. If you cant play guitar, and pick one up and try to write a song, youll soon discover its very difficult to create a good sounding tune. Writing music requires knowledge of Guitar scales, music theory, and more. Robert Johnson was a poor, uneducated black man, how he could create such musical masterpieces is a mystery.

    After Johnson's music released to the public, it influenced many musicians, and started the delta blues movement. His music was so amazing that it created a genre itself. So The Devils music spread more and more and more.

    Rock n Roll then emerged, heavily blues based.

    So in essence, many musical genres have satanic origin, but nothing gets as deep and raw as the original, Robert Johnson's music.

    If you still doubt this theory, read this:

    There is a musical phenomenon known as the "Satanic Scale." It is a guitar scale that is extremely complex and difficult to understand, I cant even start to explain it. It is known as the C Lydian, or Harmonic Minor scale. The scale produces a very eerie, almost evil sound. The scale was banned from all churches, if someone wrote a song using it, they were excommunicated from the church. Priests and high religious officials commented that the scale provoked sexual and evil feelings in people when played.

    BBC NEWS | Magazine | The Devil's Music

    The funny thing about the scale is that it started with BLUES. The Satanic scale is in fact a blues scale, used by Robert Johnson, and even Led Zeppelin (whom you might have heard is very satanic.)

    So this sums up the theory, I guess you have to be religious to believe/understand it.

    Please, discuss.
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    Btw please do not verbally assault me for this, its just a theory, you choose to believe it or not, no one is shoving it in your face. And I would appreciate mature replies.

    Edit: I thought this was appropriate seeing I have 666 posts
  3. devil doesnt exist.
  4. evil sound??? how can a sound be evil by itself, its just a sound, all those evil music theories, backward playing are the most irrational argument that has been used against music:mad:
  5. Good thing that these people were experts in music.
  6. As for evil, thats entirely from the perspective of the church and its clergy who were completely bias in their approval of music. They only needed what served a purpose for them, and new ideas like the blues scale/lydian mode and all the other rather discordant sounding scales were the antithesis of their happy day salvation rubbish.
  7. That pressuposes far too much to be a readily testable theory, i.e., conditional existence and supernatural appeals.

    That being said, it's very interesting, if nothing but creative and engaging folk lore.
  8. did you have the previous user name WRECKED, and start a zeppelin is satanic thread?
  9. Robert Johnson was not the first person to play the blues or delta blues to be specific. In fact he was merely a minor player in the whole blues scheme had it not been for the devil myth I'm sure his reissues would be really unknown
  10. Thats an interesting point of view, but is untrue. Johnson started the Delta Blues movement, he was, and is possibly the most influential musician in history.
  11. You dont understand because you have never played a scale.

    If you play guitar, and you play a harmonic minor, you will notice the chord progression is very very eerie.

    No one is talking about backwards playing, the satanic scale is a musical phenomenon and has been known of for thousands of years.
  12. your right i dont play guitar, but i still cant understand how a sound can be related to evil.
  13. Call it what you will, but it's no phenomenon. A phenomenon is something inexplicable, something that evades even our most earnest and rational attempts of demystification. The ability to play the chord is not inexplicable. A certain finger arrangement, essentially, is all that is required to produce the sound. Not phenomenal.

    The only possible phenomenon surrounding the "satanic scale" is that people actually believe in such superstitious nonsense.
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    Dude you really dont get it do you?

    The scale is a musical phenomenon

    "Tritonus Diabolica. it's a Cmajor scale with the F note becoming an F#. (C - F# gives a dissonant sound so they thought it was devil's work)

    The Interval C - F# was the devil one the scale goes like this:

    (Lydian scale (4th mode of C major): C, D, E, F#, G, A, B, C."

    Spooky feel
    Dissonance does provoke a strange feeling, Mr Pryer says.

    \t \t\t \t\t\t \t\t\t \t\t\t\t

    \t\t\t \t\t \t\t \t \t "[Dissonance] is something that yearns to be resolved. A very good example would be the opening of West Side Story, Maria. It wants to resolve into the next note. It is a special kind of tension. It gives that angular, edgy, spooky feel. Film music is often extremely sophisticated at signalling to a listener here is a particular kind of character. It is a leitmotif, first used by Wagner."

    Whatever the real story of the Devil's Interval, the romantic linkage between Lucifer and popular music will continue, and stretches back from heavy metal through the Rolling Stones to Robert Johnson and beyond.
  15. Yes, and they also thought that burning people because they weren't Catholic/Protestant (take your pick) was a good idea. I don't think these people can be trusted to say or contribute anything decent or worthwhile to society.
  16. That is completely different than what Im saying.
  17. Oh, I know. Just commenting. Don't mind me.
    *leaves thread*
  18. dude, guitar lessons from the devil? thats fuckin badass... i never imagined such an evil being having an appreciation for music. Maybe we should give him another chance!
  19. this thread is REALLY stupid. just because a scale sounds eerie doesnt mean it has anything to do with the devil. who doesnt exist.
  20. im not sure about blues solotarily being satanic...there are many songs from many genres that influence all sorts of behavior...even, gospel music is evocative of emotion. well certainly in the black community. jazz in the latin community evokes feelings of sexuality . rocknroll in some white communities evokes idkr..i like classic rock .. wait a minute i think dave chapelle already explored this whole topic.. y'kno the one with john mayer playing guitar everywhere..yea..that was pretty funny in a satirical way.

    now one thing i know for sure is that the triple six mafia has made some pretty wicked music...especially when they first came out around what 96..that prophet posse shit practically says we love satan no lie man..check that shit out.. sounds like the theme to rosemarys baby or something..:(

    ...sike...i like that shit sometimes :cool: why lie...i like mostly everything mmm feed me mor yummi yummi media, entertainment!

    ..everyones fos thas why i laf and stay hi :laughing:

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