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  1. Hullo!
    Any bluegrass fans out there? I'd love to talk about some of you favorite bands and the rowdiest concerts/festivals. Personally, I love Doc Watson and Tony Rice, and I can't wait to see them in a few weeks at Sawanee SpringFest.

  2. [​IMG]I like Bluegrass, but am not familiar with any "name" bands, just like listenin' to the many local groups in my area. This fri. I will be jammin' with some bluegrass guys and some classic C&W guys, to entertain some elderly folks in a "Barndance" setting.Not really my thing, but it reminds me of playing music with my Mom while young, and the Seniors really enjoy it as I will bail off the stage and mingle with them while playing!!! Should be alot of fun! [​IMG]
  3. Hey cowboy, you sure got the smiley's down.

    I love bluegrass. I love music!

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