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  1. Howdy folks I think something is wrong with my BD plant. It look very vigorous and forming into a bud tree but lately its been yellowing from the bottom up on all the huge leaves and sorta just looks lime green. Shoul I give it some veg nutes maybe? The last two waters have been with bloom because it look on the verg of full blown flower. I'm concened about this. Any ideas why it could look so pale?
  2. yo,
    some yellowing is to be expected this late in veg, but overall yellowing/paleness aint good... most often its just in need of a dose of High N nutes, tho. Can u get a pic up?
  3. I can post one tommorrow.. I did figure that for the big leaves but the whole thing looks a kinda lime green. I'm used to it being almost blue. Can I do half veg and half bloom? Will I dick it up if I give vegs nutes when its strting to flower? I'm freaked out a little on this
  4. hey brother. what color are the buds? also please try to post a pic

    happy grows!
  5. What pot size are you using? Pics? It could be anything with the info you gave us.
  6. sometimes plants that have been overfed will go all neon like that too, but it sounds to me like you just ditched the High N feedings a bit too early, supplement ur flower nutes with some N and you should be OK, just dont overdo it. Plants still need N in flower, some more than others. i typically dont do any in weeks 3, 4, 5 of flower, then a bit of N added at week 6 to finish strong and keep all the leaves from yellowing and falling off but none at all for the last 2 weeks.
  7. Ill get one up tomorrow. Its a solid light green..not blotchy or anything. Maybe not watering right. I can see its putting lots of effort into forming its soon to be buds..maybe it needs something its not getting. Pics in the morning.
  8. That sounds possible Gnug I had just given it two capfulls of alaska morbloom mixed with two gallons of water...I have heard its pretty strong shit.
  9. here is the pics. i gave her veg today an she looks better already....sorta.

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  10. She looks healthy bro, I wouldn't change what your doing.

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