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BlueDot Perculator MMIILLKK vids

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by stp420, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. is that a so called "question-mark"-style perc?
  2. yea i think thats what they call them, thats the first glass bong i've hit wit ha perc. i got a acrylic 5 footer with a perculator tho :D
  3. YO, is that 4 footer yours? HUGE.
  4. That was quite a rip.

    Nice looking tubes. I heard bluedot is doing more business of you know if this is a newer production design from them?
  5. in the back puffin mary jane like I'm Rick James.....

    Percs - Dome or Tree
  6. It's tough out there with those new fangled lighters! And what was that incessant buzzing sound in the second vid? AGHHH!

    Nice bongs and nice rips. You best enjoy it.
  7. haha yea i know man that rip woulda been way better if the lighter would of malfunctioned :( haha

    and yea the 4 footers mine, its not glass its plastic but i extended to 5 foot n put a perculator on it...vids of that beash soon
  8. im not familiar with them but the dude at the shop said its their new one, they had a sic blue down stem too my boy wanted to get but we needa go back with more money for that haha
  9. Ah, too bad, a huge 4' glass bong would own!
  10. the place we got it from has 2 glass piece over 4 foot, one of them has 5 percs in it for $800:eek:

    the other one was a sic designed 4 footer with the bowl within reach so u can light it urself
  11. nice milk shots
  12. Very nice glass. :smoke: I need to make some vids of my 3ft monster.
  13. I'd like a rip off that 4 footer next please :D
  14. go buy a bic lol

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