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  1. OK guy's
    Everyone talked about how good it is so I decided to try it myself. Here are three of my plants about three weeks into 12/12 I thought that they might be to crowded (13 plants in a 4x5 ft box w/1k hps light) but they look good to me. They are blueberry from D.P..The bud is from my first crop almost ready I cant wait

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  2. one more

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  3. 2 of 3

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  4. 3rd plant

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  5. that looks like some GOOD SHIT! nice and healthy too. that first pic looks really good! ooooo id love some blueberry right now.

    you gonna smoke it or sell it?
  6. damnnnnn, i really wanna smoke some of that.. :(
  7. Looks real nice, I was thinking about starting to grow, got any advice on growing that you would like to share? If so, I would be greatly appreciative o you. But anyways that Blueberry looks good as all hell, keep up the good work man.
  9. god i want some of that shit i just started my plants on a 12/12 light cycle so hopefully they'll be like that in a coouple weeks
  10. how come those aren't root bound!? THATS crazzzzyy
  11. Very nice crop u have there. I have allready gone through 7 plants of blueberry about a year ago. This season i am experimenting with a Northern Light and Skunk mix. Id say in about 3 or 4 weeks time i will have a few very lovely pictures for you all to ogle over.
  12. Very nice! I want some more pics :) Keep up the good work
  13. mmmmmm that first pic looks sweet, man I was thinking about DP for my go at it and I think those pics convinced me. . . .very healthy looking, post more as they come :D

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