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  1. this shit was grown by my buddies older bro, with an aeroponics set up, this is his first time wit blueberry and it turned out pretty nice, and it gets me blazed as fuck.

    edit// just to my attention, this strain is called Big BLue , its blueberry x northern lights #5

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  2. looks yummy :)
  3. yeah i want to get purple haze but i can never find it or get a hold of it i can get some sick ass dro though
  4. ive never had purple haze, but just haze. that shit was a crazy cerebral high, very zippy
  5. heres a close up
  6. shit , forgot the pic

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  7. a brighter pic for u

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  8. haha this might be the highest ive been in about 5 years

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  9. lol!! can i borrow them road maps from ur eyes? :p
    toke on :smoke:
  10. haha not bad but mine eyes have been so messed up they looked like red mirrors...haha ive never had more people stare at me in my life. But you look blazed son, and that bud looks bangins.... keep smoking.
  11. my friend was so high n drunk that his eyes turned green and then red all around it so it looked like christmas... after that he threw up so much hahaha
  12. ^^^ i know thats not possible, but i did got the pic in my head about the colors, and spining and it got me
  13. i wish i had some weed like that
  14. here is some blueberry i'm growing she is about 4 wks old I cant wait

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  15. ^ nice nice...hope that turns out good for ya, can u post pics of progress? make a little grow journal

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