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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by OSMOKE, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. Today i smoke for the first time some legit question is has anyone else who has smoke blueberry bean disapointed with the high it gave you.

    i smoke two bowls and while the smell taste and smoothness of the bud was exceptional, the high was not what i was expecting...very grogy and for lack of better terms unfun. most of the time when i smoke headies i feel very energized and ready to take on the world today i just ate some cheetos and took a nap.

    my question is what strain should i look for to give me a very energized high?
  2. A sativa strain.
  3. Same thing with me. I loved the taste and smell, but the high wasnt up to par. Didnt expect that to be the outcome.
  4. blueberry is an indica...
  5. bluebery is a great high for me at least--it had a very nice taste yes and it was smooth but i didnt crash like you did, i think you need to find different shit homie
  6. Hmm...

    The Blueberry I used to get was amazing. $50 for 4grams from a good friend.

    Maybe it wasn't legit?
  7. all "blueberry" ive smoked gave me a headache, i think it was just sprayed with scented cooking spray the one time. but it all did that. i hate blueberry now.:devious:
  8. You hate fake "blueberry."
    Ive smoked blueberry multiple times in multiple different batches, and havent gotten headaches from it. It is sometimes a tougher high to appreciate compared to a strong heady sativa, but it definitely makes you high. Just more mellow.
  9. LOL... Ok first, there are several strands named blueberry and the most popular is primarily indica and growing conditions can have a huge impact on smoke quality too. Blueberry won the cannabis cup for several years in a row for a reason, its good stuff. How do you know it was the legit blueberry as you call it?

  10. Shit Mayne, No fuckin' way!

    My best friend charges $60 for the 1/8

    "Got a lil' bit o Blueberry Yum Yum an its dat Fiya" -Luda
  11. my blueberry is a energetic high with a ok come down. Pretty fruity tasting not skunky. My indoor was more a downer than the outdoor but this year I will see

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