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  1. Ive just picked up some auto blueberry seeds.
    I’ve heard they can be tricky to grow and very sensitive to nutes?
    Has anyone grown there own blueberry plants before? Could you share some pics?
  2. Yea, heres a couple pics, femminised, blueberry twist image (4).jpg image (4).jpg image (2).jpg Resized_image_(1)_8971.jpeg image.jpg

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  3. Different strains from different breeders can be different, especially with autos.
    I have done the DutchPassion AutoBlueberry, and it was about the same as any other auto.
    Autos don't tolerate over-feeding the way photos can, so go easy on the food.
    Also, start decreasing feed a few weeks before harvest, because they eat less then.
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  4. I’ll be interested on keeping an eye on this thread.
    I just sprouted some blueberry auto from Growers Choice.
  5. Revegged blueberry. I've harvested this strain about 4-5 times now. I love it. Super spacy. Forget what you were doing bud. IMG_1188.JPG IMG_1189.JPG IMG_1190.JPG IMG_1191.JPG
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  6. Hows jack doing bro, long time... greetings from bonnie freezing Scotland
  7. She's all cut up and jarred/cured. Smoking it right now. As stony as anything I can find at a dispensary. It's probably got to be 25% or so if it can compete with the stuff I can buy.

    I have a clone going in the veg area and it's more vigorous then anything else in there. Blueberry is some good genetics. That's one reason it's been used for so many crosses.
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  8. 20190725_053836.jpg 20190724_115705.jpg 20190724_090521.jpg

    Wake n bake lol
  9. Got another yhread in orocess off setting up
  10. Process sorry, excuse the bloody french..well Scottish lad
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  11. Best genes ive tried last few years, got this blueberry from seedsman, chucked in 3 humbolt chemdawgs with them 3 chees fems free, 6 free cant be that bad i suppose! ! Dont say what kind off fkn cheese though lol, big nugs fast thete is jus 8 dsys old benn growing that bagseed 8weeks now, had alot work done on her, striped down sll the bottom shite an i think al flip her at weekend, what you get in total dry from that beautiful beast , she was a beauty eh, ad have hung the fucker above the fireplace!
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  12. 20190717_164630.jpg 20190718_112927.jpg 20190717_164254.jpg 20190718_112927.jpg 20190718_112927.jpg 20190717_164716.jpg 20190717_164630.jpg 20190717_164254.jpg
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  13. Ffs im rubbered, sorry sent that twice

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