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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by KusH16, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. Hey all, I just got some blueberry, not Dj Short Blueberry just regular blueberry ( I think ) anyways it kind of looks like shit, good amount of trichs but for some reason looks kind of crappy to me. Smells awesome. Anyone ever run across good bud that doesn't look all that amazing? Also before anyone says I don't know or whoever I got it from doesn't know, it's possible but not likely. Thanks and sorry for no pictures but my iPhone 4S can't take a close enough macro shot to help anyways.
  2. I've had shitty looking buds that were good, but it's pretty rare for that to happen. Usually looks tell you a lot about the quality. Not always true though.
  3. Even though I said pics would be pointless...ill post one anyway. Pics up in 20
  4. Pics pics

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  5. You're saying that doesn't look good? :confused_2:
  6. Well I mean compared to the Hindu Kush I got and other more dense strains. No sure how blueberry is supposed to look. Usually purps I get look way prettier, kush's real KusH or hybrid ones look amazing ect.

    Hindu pics up

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  7. looks good too me my rule of thumb is TOO NEVER buy weed called blueberry/blueberry kush cause all time in my weed smoking life it turned out be fuckin kife ass weed. i stay away from the blueberrys but that shit looks good
  8. That's funny as hell you say that because I've always avoided blueberry strains because of that too lol. But where I get my stuff from these days the name usually is on point with what I get. This would be the first time it isn't. I was just expecting sense colorful beauty's lol. It's sticky and smells amazing though. But I'll probably go with the Hindu again even though I'm asleep about 2 hours after a puff lol
  9. Idk man I've had some bomb ass blueberry. Gotta just find that one guy who has good blueberry here and there. Most blueberry on the street is ass because blueberry isn't an easy bitch to grow.
  10. I love any Blueberry strain. Blue Dream is the dankness.
  11. Hell yah. I would love to live in Cali and have a menu of what I want lol. I get whatever randomly. Got some train wreck a couple weeks ago and I fucking hated it but its all I had until the source re-upped
  12. 4s has incredible quality, I can't believe you just said that. I am offended
  13. hey you dont want it ill take it ;D
  14. Every time I've ever bought Blueberry, I got chronic Blueberry. The very first time the guy I got it from said it was "grown from seeds imported from amsterdam." Probably a load of bullshit but it was some of the best weed I'd ever smoked at the time so idgaf
  15. Not quite sure you read what I wrote. It doesn't take great MACRO SHOTS SO I DON'T THINK PICS WOULD HELP. :) hope that clears it up, I wouldn't have gotten a 4s if I didn't think it was awesome. I love all my pics I take with it, best phone cam imo
  16. If you want macro shots of your bud just move it in and out of the cam so it focuses
  17. Not the top of the shelf, but for sure some good stuff it looks like. I'd be satisfied with that. Not Reggie or crap weed at all.
  18. Love my 4s. Quality is amazing that is why I own it lol. I tried going in a out for focus I know how to use my phone but within 4 inches or some shit I has a hard time focusing. Takes great pics not so great macros sometimes.
  19. BasedLord For some reason the cam never focuses how I want lol I kept trying and got the pics you see in the thread lol. Thanks for the replies everyone. I guess I was jut expecting some crazy frosty shit lol. Anyways smoke report on the blueberry : Little bit of a creeper for me , 5-10 min had a smile on my face for no reason lol, great buzz lasted a couple hours and then I fell asleep. Did have a little anxiety for a few minutes went away quickly an smooth sailing, good combo of body and head high.

    Hindu Kush smoke report : love this stuff, great taste great smoke, for sure mainly a body high, no anxiety or any negatives. Felt great, slept great.

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