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    Hi guys been a member for a while and thought it was time to start a journal.
    I currently have 6 Blueberry x Cheese from clone in my room i use canna coco natural for plant medium and 15 litre pots, I vegged these babies for 4 weeks then flipped to 12/12 i'm thinking maybe i should have given them another couple of weeks in veg before i flipped just to bush these girls out a little but we will see how it goes.
    In my tent i have 2 Hortiline 6 inch clip fans a Honeywell tower fan and an Iso-Max - 150mm 3-Speed extraction fan venting the hot air out of a bedroom window.
    For nutrients I use the Dutchpro brand, Its a 2 part feed "grow A+B and bloom A+B" for the first 4 weeks of the grow i add take root.  And for the remainder of the grow i use explode which is Dutchpro's bud booster its a great product , At weeks 5 - 6 i add 50ml to 10 litres of water, At weeks 7 - 8 i add 100ml per 10 litres of water, And at weeks 9 -10 i add 150ml per 10 litres of water.
    For lighting i have a hortiline north star reflector my bulbs is a sunmaster 600w dual spectrum hooked up to a lumitek 600w digital dimmable ballast.
    Anyway thats all for now i hope you join me for the ride any questions just ask any advice just chip in your never to old to learn speak to you soon guys respect.


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  2. Nice I bet those girl stank don't they?

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    Hi reefer the smell from these babies is amazing its super fruity i ran this strain once before i will stick up some pics of the bud later thanks for having a look.
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    looks really good, plants seem pretty happy. what country you from?
  5. I'm from Scotland dp i had a couple of issues with temps and light early on but the girls are responding great thanks for having a look at my journal i will post some more pics up later respect.
  6. ahh Scotland. good times, very nice. yeah ive had problems with temps in the past. where I am now though they're alright for the most part. how much longer til you harvest?
  7. They still have about 6 or 7 weeks to go until i harvest.
  8. very cool, looking forward to see how they all turn out
  9. Been struggling with temps here i need to get something to keep the temps higher at night anyway here is how my Blueberry x Cheese look with 5 weeks to go.

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  10. Hmmm blueberry cheese that sounds delicious man. Shout out to Scotland, the whole world loves Mary Jane, country to country it's the one thing we can all share and have in common. Well that and beer!

    Plants lookin great man. For a 600w you've got some hella big buds man. Keep growing! The world needs people like you and me!

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