blueberry X black domina clone drooping ADVICE

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  1. i have clone thats about 3 weeks old and are about 7 " tall and has five leaf sets but their drooping i watered it about 2 days ago and my soils pretty dry i am holding out right now but the new growth is green so no major problem i was just wondering what you guy's thought this strain's blueberry muffin and at a month old it smells delicious:hello: ill have pics soon plz check it out.
  2. If the soil is dry and the plant is drooping, water it. If it continues to droop afer you water it, you might be overwatering, which you can fix by allowing the soil to dry out.
  3. thanks oskar I watered it 400 ml, and am going to watch it do you think that 2 cups is to much water??
    it's stem is very purple i think that it's because it gets very cold at night but i can keep it around 70
    it's been falling around 58-56 degrees there looks like there is a little calyx but the hairs aren't extrusive, it's not flowering but it's from a mother that had a determined is this unusual?
    im using a mix of pearlite vermiculite and some good walmart grade miracle grow,
    i use advanced nutrients and r-o water. I water when soil dry's up and alternate the nutes and water to flush them out. i use cfls to grow right now i'm vegging a single plant with 5-26 watt daylight cfls 6500k 1750 lumens, 8750 lumens total. i also have a tl lamp in there with 2 plant bulbs that give off a shit load of lumens, But i'm not exactly sure how many, so i'm probably at about 10,000 i believe that it may be enough now but what will i need for flowering if anyone can help a little input would be greatly appreciated thanx post pics when girlfriend gets camera fixed.:wave::smoking:
  4. To be sure its getting the proper amount of water, give water until it comes out the drain holes. It never hurts to bang the pot on the ground a couple of times to make sure you don't have any soil pockets inside that aren't getting water. You should also be able to tell by feeling the weight difference between wet and dry. I only mention this because I have had a problem with shitty soil staying dry in pockets inside the pot.
  5. does the water need to run off and should it trickle or flow out of the pot?
    thank you all for your help .
    what do you think about lighting ?
  6. :hello: ok on track now i have a blueberry x black domina clone thats about 2 1/2 months old it has over 15 nodes and is growing beautifully she was lst'd at two months so all the side branching looks like tops. now i have another clone that's about three weeks old and it has on leaf droped the others and is only growing if i have it under my 150 watt hps it's only about 5" tall i know ... should i just keep it under my flowering light or should i try and veg it out idk. if you need more background on the plants it's undersanable just get back to me and thnx.

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