Blueberry Swisher!

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  1. Anybody tried these yet? They're new as far as I know, I just picked up a 3 pack of them and I'm waiting for a few friends to get here to try them out with me.
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    I actually walked into my local corner store (where i always buy my wraps, papers, and even where i bought my scale) and i asked if he had anything new and he gave me a free blueberry swisher sweet. Prime paper, good for rolling like normal grape ones, and i enjoy the taste alot. It doesnt overpower the weed taste as much as grape ones do. I prefer them to grape. Let me know what you think after you smoke um!
  3. ah that sounds delicious. :smoke:
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    It is.
  5. White grape swishers. Nuff said.

    I will give the blueberries a try tho
  6. White owls > swishers
  7. Blueberry swisher > white grape

    WG left me with gross taste and smell in my mouth and nose. But the blueberry was kickin good amount of flavor
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    Nah white owls roll soo much better then swishers in my opinion. Especially if your really stuffin them
  9. its about time . ive always been wondering when swishers will make a blueberry , and here we are !

    Ill have to run into gas station next time im out to see if there in stock yet. i prefer joints but blueberry is just amazing.
  10. Yes yes I agree with white owls being easiest to roll and best flavor, but these blueberry swishers are damn tasty!
  11. what gas stations carry this?
  12. SUP GC! yea im from S.A TX and yea i used to roll with grape swisher or phillie all the swisher singles were 50 cents but ever since the bluberry came out it's gotten popular so they switched them to 69 there all that bro lives in san marcos tx and he said they dont sell single swishers...jus the 2 in one pack.but hell yea blueberry is so far my fav rillo besides white grape white owls
  13. Blueberry swishers are my all time favorite blunt wraps!
  14. i usually get a blueberry and black swisher

    both are hella nice when you roll them tight

  15. I love the blueberry swishers! Just the smell gets me excited but they always make my mouth feel funny wen I lick them
  16. so good. I got over all the other swisher flavors, but the blueberry is too damn good
  17. Try a pineapple white owl, I love them and dont get me wrong the blue blueberry swisher is nice as well. If you want something that really burns slow try a garsia vegas. There hard to roll without fucking the leaf up on them but damn they burn slow..

  18. Fuck garcia Vegas , dutch masters are better!i hate splitting that leaf tho
  19. My problem with swishers SPECIFICALLY blueberry is that they dont stick for shit i've gotta like the fuckers like 3 times and by that time it turns into near mush with the outer leaves falling off etc...
    They do smell and taste alright i prefer white owls though..

    White owl is a much better cigawewwo for blunts hands down, any true blunt smoker knoes!!
    White grape white owls specifically, the new pineapple are nice too.....

    Fuckers need to hurry up and make an ORANGE FLAVORED blunt though...
    I love peach but think orange would be even better!!

  20. No disrespect ,but u sound stupid sayin white owls are better than swishers, 90% of the time white owls burn crooked and they don't burn as slow as swishers , the green white owls are gross as hell too

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