Blueberry scrog 3 weeks flower (pics!)

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    Hello friends! It's been almost two months since I started my blueberry babies. I haven't had any problems so far and I'm amazed how smoothly it's gone! They are now almost three weeks into flower and every branch has flowers starting. Before we get to the pictures let me just say that ScroG is king and anyone not using this method should reconsider, I hope the photos will help to change your opinion! Also another thing is that I use CFLs due to my stealth set up with minimal ventilation and have so far been impressed with their results. Some specifics about my grow.. I grow in a bubble bucket (big thanks to my man rumple! you rock), it is an 18 gal black rubbermaid bin.. I run two rather small air pumps (a mistake on my part), and two airstones provide the roots with more than enough oxygen. The lid I made has slots for 2x6' net pots which I filled with hydroton. Here is a shot of the bin before I started growing in it:

    For nutrients I use the Lucas Formula (old-school style), with General Hydroponics nutrients. I started from feminized Blueberry (DP) seeds using the paper towel method. The plant on the left was a strong starter (and continues to be strong, green, healthy, delicious, and more positive adjectives), while the right plant was a bit stunted even when i think back to germination.. The temp in the grow room is around 78F, and I don't maintain humidity, temperature, or co2. I don't cool my res but it stays a few degrees below room temp due to topping off with cold water. Inside the bin the roots have taken over, with there being hardly any space available for them to grow further.

    Sorry for rambling, I'm stoned and I get excited sexually when I think about ladies in that way. :hello:

    So here we are, some pictures.. A shot of the room from the door:

    The base of the left plant. This thing is absolutely gargantuan.

    The base of the right plant. When this plant started growing it had the seed lining (not sure what its called) preventing the cotyledons from opening up. Then, it grew normally and sprouted a couple nodes. One day I went back and noticed that it wasn't growing a new node from the middle, instead it was just getting bigger.. For a few days there was no new growth (other than the existing leaves, stems, etc getting bigger), and one day I went to check them out and there were 4-8 new growth "heads" coming out of EVERYWHERE. So as you can see, it is a bit deformed. But I love her all the same.

    (Part of) The canopy:

    Another canopy shot from above the lights:

    I hope you enjoyed my babies as much as I do. If you have any tips, questions, anything, let me know!
  2. looking good man!! i am just starting some bubble buckets with some blue cheese clones...i can only hope it goes half as good as yours........

    ps. you plan on getting a big HPS light for flowering??? prolly get more yield and tighter buds.... just a thought.....
  3. Looking great! How do they smell? What are the details of your lighting and ventilation systems?
  4. Mr. Tangent, no, I will be using ~400w of CFL throughout flowering. I don't have the space or sound privacy (or the ability to drill through walls) to set up a real ventilation system. I'm sure your plants will do fine, the bubble bucket system is very easy to maintain once you get it down, and plants LOVE IT. I would say these plants are growing TWICE AS FAST as the last grow (in soil).

    itsmysubaru, I'd like to say hello to another subaru fan =) For lighting I use two bathroom vanity fixtures with Y-splitters, for a total for 16 CFL lights, and I use 26w CFLs in these for a total for 16x26=416w. I then hang these fixtures from hooks with chain which also makes it easy to adjust the height. For ventilation, I have a hole in the back of the closet that draws cool air from a little space between the laundry room and the closet. Drawing this air is a box containing a fan with a homemade carbon filter assembly. The smell isn't bad as long as the door to the closet remains closed and there is no way for air to leak out.. Otherwise you will walk into my room and smell blueberry stink. It smells so sweet and deliciously like ripening fruit it makes me hot.

    I hope I was able to answer your questions adequitely! Happy growing!
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    sounds like you got a decent set-up. looks like you know what your doing.....

    ill be copping down 20kush plants & 2green crack in a week or so, sad to say im not even excited, just can't wait til these blue cheese clones take off, bought and germed 3blue cheese moms...well mom's i hope.....flowering one clone from each plant to check sex.....

    love the blueberry.....

    good try the 100%natural molasses(1tbsp per1gal) in flowering, sweet plants smell last K was great....
  6. I have read mixed things about using molasses in hydroponics, can anyone shed some light? I'm interested in this and a search yielded nothing indicative.
  7. really nice split, these are sexed plants from seed ? did you use any FIM technique ? as I see that they split in many ways.. ?

    looking great
  8. hey shadow,
    nice set-up... i wanted to know if u can tell more about the lucas formula... if there's any link u can refer me to... and can u explain to me how did u build that homemade carbon filter?

    thank you

    keep up with the good work
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    I purchases feminized blueberry seeds from the Doc.. I did not top or fim these plants in any way.. what you see naturally occurred when i pulled the cola back below the screen to a horizontal position. If you move the dominant cola below the others, they will compete for dominance which is the whole idea behind ScroG and LST.

    There are many, many thread regarding the Lucas Formula, but here:

    The carbon filter is actually really really simple... I have a largish cardboard box with a fan attached to one side of it blowing out... the other side has a square piece from a gallon milk with a screen attached to it, filled with about 1/4" of activated carbon.

    Sorry for my bad MSPaint skills:
  10. So does anyone know about molasses in bubble buckets? I plan to use it the first week of my flush.
  11. thank you for the help... can u tell at what kind of store i can find activated carbon... and what form of activated carbon do u use? looks like its powder from the MSpaint pic
  12. Activated carbon in the form you need is pretty much little black rocks.
    The best place to find carbon is Wal-Mart, in the fish section. If you can't find it there, it will probably be at your local pet store. It is sold either in jars of loose pellets, or if you cant find that you can find cartridges that fit into specific brand aquarium filters and cut them open to get the carbon out.

    Hope this was helpful!

  13. I believe you are supposed to use vapor phase activated carbon not for aquariums. And I would suggest you make your filter better, cardboard tends to gather mildew, thus leading to mold, and you surely don't want that in your grow.
  14. those stems are beefed up, id be nice to see some more pics

    awesome grow though man:cool:
  15. That shit looks dank bro keep up the good work.
  16. Alright everybody, there are now very prominent and visible flowers on both plants, at request I will be posting pics in a few hours, stay tuned. Bumping this up for now I guess.
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    Hello friends! Thanks everybody for the positive comments; it is very flattering to hear such praise when I am still learning much myself. Grasscity and you, its members, have been both influential and informational in my quest. As promised:

    Some nice buds in the back..:

    But as you can see most of the flowers on the right plant are large. It gives me a fuzzy feeling to see these clusters of pistils :hello:

    The buds on the left plant haven't developed nearly as much as the right one.. But WE WILL SEE :smoke:

    Thanks for watching, comments welcome.
  18. Bumping this. Nobody likes the flower pics? :(
  19. looks great man. how long did u veg for?

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