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Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by MaltedGrapez, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. #1 MaltedGrapez, Sep 15, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 15, 2009
    EDITPicked up an oz[Weighed it out: got 32.2g's] of "Nick's Purp" for $380. It is wicked dense, wicked stanky-danky, wicked sticky, and it is definitely sativa dominant w/ just a little indica in there.
    also my roommate got an 8th of blueberry and og kush, $45/8th.

    the nick's purp is so dannnnk; double ziploc bagged & inside a mason jar and i still smell it like my nose is in the bag. Smoked a bowl of it with kief on top last night... i got so faded, played NBA Street for a while after that haha!:smoke:
    Oh yah pix don't do it justice--my camera is just a point-n-shoot olympus.
    I'll take better pictures later in sunlight, pot always looks better in sunlight.

    Blueberry & OG Kush:
    its all jumbled together ... so i dont know which nug is which.

    Nick's Purp (not purple at all haha)
    sunlight pictures will look so much better, totally overcast today though.

  2. Looks like some decent bud, hows it smoke?
  3. id jack tht long bud off like a dick no homo
  4. LOL so homo
  5. I had bud from the club Im MediCAL that looked just like this called Blueberry Haze Super Smelly Smells so gorgeous NO HOMO orange hairs minty green buds long tight looking but fluffy not dense tastes bangin I like this one good find Im gonna post some of my scores on here from the club
  6. I would shove all those buds up my bung.

    No homo.:devious:
  7. Theres homo all over this thread.

    Nice buds.
  8. Looks Yummie :yummy:

  9. lmao whatev floats your boat grim!

    thanks... smokes amazing.

    the high hits me right between the eyes everytime on the 1st hit... oh man its you wasted so fast.
  10. nice buds bro. enjoy your pick up :)

    blaze a fat one for me.

  11. most definitely, thanks :)
  12. Should be named shit turd bud (no offence looks great), cause they all look like long turds xD

    Enjoy smoking dude!

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