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  1. Yo, guys.

    So, I had the bright idea of starting these two plants around day 20 of my last grow, for whatever horrible reason, as my schedule is about to go nuts again 

    I'm going to flower these inside of their veg station, as to why I put this in micro grows & I really want to scrog this small area, to be honest lmao.

    Light for now: 400 mh. Plan on using this until they stop stretching & switching the hood & bulb with my 600 hps.

    What I have here:

    Tied down plant: Dutch passion blueberry

    Known to be finicky & herm prone, haven't had any problems yet and has been rather vigorous in growth, compared to the kush plant it will flower with.

    Small, short, slow plant: dinafem og kush

    Definitely a slow slow weird pheno, probably not even worth flowering to be honest, but, fuck it.

    They've both been fed 4 mL grow a/b
    They were both planted at the same time, and lost their shell at the same time.

    Around day 30 of their flower time I'm going to start a good amount of beans in order to start the outdoor season going strong, here's what I have to choose from currently:

    Alien x Triangle Autos (hoping for another comparative grow soon)
    Call Connection Grape OG
    Big Buddah Blue Cheese
    Barneys Farm Blue Cheese
    Dinafem Purple Afghan Kush
    Dinafem Sour Diesel
    Dinafem Colorado Cookies
    Dinafem White Cheese
    Dinafem OG Kush
    Reserva Privida Skywalker

    Cheers guys
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    Tied again today

    Tapatalk won't let you upload from the app, and acts crazy when you edit from it
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    Small screen, check.

    Will post pictures when it starts filling up
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