Blueberry !!!!!!!!!!!HOOORRRAAYYY

Discussion in 'General' started by Krypto, Oct 6, 2003.

  1. Well, I end up friday night sleeping at a friends house and smoked a quater, this morning we bought an 8th of this blueberry skunkish mix...Anyway we eded up smoking it all and I have 2 xanax left...Well I ended up asking my friend to hook me up with some blueberry cuz I'm dry.....Well he ended up giving me two big bowls so I plan on gettin totally fried by myself tonight....I think I'll watch videos and go on the city website.
  2. yah sorry about that last night, I actually never say that word...I was a little nervous last night for some personal shit...Anyways it was good shit and now I'm dry for like 2 days=(.
  3. you and your friend smoked a whole quarter just between the 2 of you?! and then an 8th after that?! sheesh!
  4. ended up is not a's two. And I would love to get my hands on some blueberry.
  5. what would you do with it wang? smell it a whole lot? :D
  6. I'd sleep with it under my pillow every night and then wait and wait until I was safe to smoke and smoke a little bit and put the rest back under my pillow. MMMMmmmm blueberry.
  7. Why can't you smoke?

  8. just to let you know that post is 2 years old... well damn near
  9. I always get my eigths of Blueberry/Haze for $20 or $25 if hes runnin dry.

    It's my second favorite strain to smoke just before pure Hash Plant. You get incredibly high and the weed tastes really good as you smoke it. It's also one of the strongest strains grown.
  10. Wow, that brings back good memories lol=D

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