Blueberry From Seedsman Bud Shot! Day 31 12/12

Discussion in 'Bud Shots' started by MilkyAurora, Jun 21, 2017.

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  2. So sad I had to kill my seedsman blueberry plants as babies. How do they smell?
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  3. Sweet gravy... Lmao that's what my partner said it smelt like anyway xD
    I think it smells quite earthy, sweet like a hint of lemon and a food smell.
    Really strong plant/weed smell, really strong aswell like shes loving life.

    How come you had to kill them? :O Blueberry has been my best so far! I'm sad for you. She finishes abit earlier than my others i think, so shes the most mature looking.
  4. I heard she tends to stretch like a lot, but I don't know what that means comparatively. I've also heard that the taste of it when smoking it is pretty unique and actually very similar to blueberries which I'm really sad I've missed out on. I had them in a DWC setup and these temperatures recently just gave them root rot lol.
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  5. I haven't noticed that yet... Because of my constant LST, but i heard and read that she can get up to like 220CM. I've always wanted to just let a plant grow how it wants, but LST seems to easy and worth it in the end yeild wise.

    You're making me super excited now... Only like 3 weeks away until harvest! I never wanna have to deal with root rot..
  6. Yeah dude your plants always impress me just because of how completely flat they are. Are you limited in height?
  7. Thanks man... Really appreciate it. Growing is such a great hobby, but it is lonely as you can't really tell everyone haha!

    I'm not limited in space, but from what i've always read/heard is that the flatter the canopy/the more LST = more yeild. So thats my main goal :) Everyday after week 2 of veg i LST'ed from around 1-2 hours a night to get them like that. So thats my main goal :)

    My tent is 4*4, more than enough room :p
  8. I promise you'd see your yield shoot up if you grew your colas upwards a little more than you do. An even light covering is good and useful but if you don't give the plant the nodes to grow those long fat buds it won't happen.
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  9. We'll see, they are thick already and have weeks left!
  10. Oh yeah like I wasn't having a go, just the shorter your colas are the shorter your nugs will be to my understanding. We can see how my colas end up turning out. What lights are you using again?
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  11. Oh I know you weren't mate. Putting your opinions and trying to help people is the best option. It's like that Sacha girl, didn't listen to me for a month... small plants by end date and will take weeks more to finish and yield not that good. Yet when I tried helping they all just went at my throat like LED fanatics.

    I'm using a 600w HPS, 123,000 lumens instead of 93,000. I believe that the flatter the canopy in right healthy conditions is better for yield, because it promotes the popcorn buds to all have the same light so they'll all get massive. And with me having a light pen hood I want all my ladies to have equal light across the top.

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