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Blueberry From College

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 420smoker, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. So my step-bro just called me up from college like 20 mins ago, and goes, "dude I smoke some blueberry bud last night and this kid is selling some you want any?" So of course I say yes bring home a $20 bag for me. So the kid is fronting it to my bro and then I gotta give him the money. I trust him of course, but when you gotta do shit with the middle man kinda thing its always sketchy. But hey, I still havn't tried any Blueberry bud so its worth it.

    Anyone wanna post some pics of their best blueberry, I'll be sure to post some of mine when I get it.
  2. I dont have any pics, its been a while since ive had blueberry.

    You can def. tell if its real or not though. GREAT HIGH
  3. im pretty sure youre not gonna get a fat bag. people sell at college to make money. people play middle man usually to snag a free smoke.

    that said, have fun man, ive never had blueberry.
  4. yeah I wouldn't expect anything more than a gram, but enjoy. Blueberry kicks ass..we used to get it back in Chicago during high school a lot.
  5. Blueberry runs 20 a gram at my college. It smells great, and taste good. Enjoy.
  6. there aint been much mention of this 'blueberry' here in london, we have seriously lost the effort to bother to check wot strain we're buying, now days greens green.
  7. I had it one time and i loved it like DiAmOnD RaStA said its a great high. I mean its not a super dank strain but just a great nice high.
  8. I love blueberry, the few times I've smoked it I was very very social, and found myself entranced in nice imagery on the television. Definetly good times.
  9. its a dank bud 20% thc i believe if cured properly. but what do i know im just a pot head
  10. ^the stuff i had was not cured right had very very little crystals but still smoked oh so nice, i bet good blueberry gets you high as hell.
  11. i was sick when i had it so i didnt smell or taste it, but 3 of us had one bowl and we were gone
  12. 20 bucks!? that's it? anytime a strain like that comes through (not very often) i always drop at least a hundred on a bag!
  13. yea, i have almost no money at the moment, lol but i think i might be getting this girl to hook me up with another 20-30 bucks. SCORE
  14. i hear ya on that shit dude. i know how it is to be broke as shit. hope you get some good fortune coming your way. i'll throw you some rep. PEACE
  15. There's pretty much a constant source of blueberry here, its a nice strain. Tasty and fluffy...

    Here's a pic I took a while ago.

  16. that looks AMAZINGGGGGG
  17. yea it does. Oh and im getting an 8th of the blueberry, for $45.
  18. Blueberry is an amazing strain It tastes great and doesent give you that terrible lazy high it is an up and happy social strain that keeps a person laughing and situations enjoyable definetly in my top ten
  19. so 420smoker did you get ahold of the blueberry i def wanan see some more pics the shit looks amazing
  20. i got it, and yes it was great, i took pics but they suckkkk. this cam is no good, ill postem tho.

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