Blueberry Festival

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  1. Every year a town about 20 miles away holds something called the blueberry festival, (these past 2 days) I went Saturday, I met up with my friend, and this girl I'm really into. Anyways we all chill and dive into the lake that the town is built around. I end up making a new friend with a guy from the area and his girl. So we end up talking, my new friend (lets call him Kaleb) Kaleb talks about chillin at hempstock in a few weeks. We get to talking, and I offer to light up some dank in the woods nearby. His girl was in some pain, so i offer to bring her along (her 2nd time smoking) we smoke, me Kaleb and his girl, and the girl I'm into. I have about 8 joints rolled for the occasion, we go through about 2 then we decide to rejoin everyone.

    We are then joined by a guy with some bongos and his friend had a didjareedoo. We're all just chillin sittin in a circle, got offered to go and jam with Kaleb's band sometime, and got the other to guys (clearly stoned at the time btw) info, so we can all chill and throw a bonfire party bring instruments and have a huge jamfest.

    This was prolly the most epic weekend i've had in years, Fianlly something goes right =] and to top it off, that girl couldnt keep her hands off me:cool:

    Thought I'd share.

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