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Blueberry dro

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Grim Kreeper, Oct 9, 2005.

  1. There is some shit going around here called "Blueberry Dro" I've smoked it before.... It's blue and it tastes like the color blue (I can't really explain how you taste a color I guess it's a stoner thing). They say it's hydro grown in blueberry syrup instead of water.

    Is this even possible? If anyone knows anything about this, could you please share your knowledge with me?
  2. dude. that sounds yummu. where do u live? ill move to ur place. i love panacakes and syrup.
  3. Lies. Impossible to grow in blueberry syrup. The plants would die. They are full of shit.
  4. ya its just a strain called blueberry grown in normal hydro. i always hear bullshit stories like that. my friend told me that the "real" northern lights is regular bud dipped in lsd. buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuullshit
  5. Sounds like someone made up quite a story...a bunch of kids around my way think its blueberry if its weed grown surrounded by blueberry plants, that actually grow blueberrys.
  6. I just got some white rhino yesterday and i bet the herb was grown with a mixture of potting soil and of course the shit of a white rhino. I need to find a white rhino at the zoo to grow some more!!!!

    but yeah all in all those stories are mostly crap.

  7. real bluberry bud is amazingly good.

    probably one of the strongest strains. Bluberry and Hash plant are my strains of choice.
  8. The blue berry syrup would be tooo thick for the plant to grow in. sorry :(
  9. I guess it would be possible to put a small amount of syrup in your water, maybe a tea spoon or so, but that could cause all sorts of problems on a long term basis. After awhile everything would be crusted with a sticky substance. Tubes can be clogged, airstones too. Also, all types of bugs would be attracted to the sugar, ants especially. But if you cleaned everything very often I'm sure you could pull it off. Only thing is, is it worth putting all that time into maintaining your system just to make your bud taste slightly different. Even if the syrup did actually change the taste or smell of your plant it wouldnt change the THC levels. You'd get the same high either way. The buds would still look the same. The more and more I think about it the worse this idea of putting syrup in your water is. It could even clog the stems of the plant or slow down the movement of nutrients to the buds. Its seems to be a bad idea overall.
  10. HAve you every thought about food coloring. I know that works to turn your plants blue.
    i think i might do it just to see if people thinks its actually blue.
  11. Im smoking the last little bit of BluBerry that I have.It taste sweet but when you break it up is when it really smeel like BluBerry. Awesome weed.

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