Blueberry & cheese auto, 250w & 400w Not Sure's 'ganic ganja grow

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  1. Agreed!

    Weight, frosty, and delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :hello::hello::hello:
  2. Thanks!! receding pistils already at 5 weeks, I think she's going to be very close to the 8-week mark. Glad I kept some genetics going on this one :smoke:
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    i hate you. :mad: im a blue berry junkie but still havent grown it :cry: i think its time i take the risk of getting some bb genetics. have you only ran this breeders bb or have you had multiple? either way bro i love your bb and im jelly as shit lol :hello: to you. share with me?? :smoke: lol im also going to have to try to scrog you make it look so easy to a noob but i know better lol. got a good link on a diy screen for a single plant in a dwc bucket?

    edit: i had to edit the shit out of this post. smelling errors and what not... i need to slow it down :smoking: lmao

  4. Hey bro, I love the blueberry too. I think I listed the seedbank a few pages back but yea... it's some powerful shit. I built my box for vegging but since I can flower innit, I figured might as well do a scrog!! Having done it, I can say that I'd put an extra foot of vert space, for 5' total, but that's just me.
  5. Great built not sure. I'm eager to know what your end weight is for her. Good job Notsure. :)+rep
  6. LOL, I just realized that I didn't really answer that question ( I was fucked up too :p).. Well, aside from the 5' height of your enclosure, a recirculating system with a control bucket would be necessary for a DWC scrog, but I've never gone that route.

    Thanks brother!! I've been watching your grow for a while now and I think your setup is perfect!!

    Update: Cheese auto, harvested at 78 days... should last me a few weeks :smoke:


    My trim... so dank, so frosty :smoking:


    I had the fan on the table, but it's a bit unstable and was shaking the buds while drying, so I suspended it from the ceiling.


    My trimming station, complete with necessary tools.


    Blueberry clones, I don't know how the fuck I fit 5 plants in there, but at least they've got some room to spread out :smoke:


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  7. fuckin sweet. estimated dried weight?

    blueberry clones look bomb too

    ayo save a gram of that cheese and we can compare when i stop by ;D

  8. Oh definitely, I'll bet it only gets better with age. I estimate I got about an ounce dried, been picking at it the past few days :eek:

    Clones are getting huge, hopefully 10-12 zips off them :smoke:
  9. 10-12 off the clones?!? Shweeet .

    How much east yield from scrog

    I'm hoping for at least 2 oz from the cheese, 1.5 from the nl, and 1 from the 60
  10. [quote name='"Not Sure"']

    Oh definitely, I'll bet it only gets better with age. I estimate I got about an ounce dried, been picking at it the past few days :eek:

    Clones are getting huge, hopefully 10-12 zips off them :smoke:[/quote]

    Well shit with 12 zips of blueberry laying around you won't mind donating 2 ounces to the needy foundation lol I'm a blueberry junky bro, I just don't think I'm ready to grow a strain like it. Correct me if I'm wrong but BB doesn't give much room for error (plus it takes so long to flower!) I'd chop buds off 1 by 1 starting at like week 3 lol congrats through bro this thread is legit!

  11. bb doesnt look too abnormal......look at the pictures in post #97....thats approx 2.5 months from seed.....i think thats great
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    I'm expecting 4 from the scrog, but I might be expecting too much. We'll see, the buds are very heavy :D

    Thanks man!! I share my buds with all my friends!! As far as being sensitive to nutes, that might be true and that's one of the reasons I grow organically, because the plant takes what it needs from the soil. Organics is like, the "trick" to growing perfect plants :) (for me anyway)

    So, update time!!! I haven't been on lately, lot of shit going on but fuck that, I've got some pot to grow!!

    Heat stress is staying the same on the scrog, showing a little damage, but she can take it. 2 weeks from sunday :D

    Clones are bushing like a mo, almost 2 weeks in.... lots of pics here :D


    edit: just realized I threw in 2 of the same scrog pics :smoking:
  13. everything looks frosty as fuck!

    are those two bud pics from the cheese?

    And i think youll get around 4oz from the scrog....or damm near close

    Thats the kinda attitude i like to see ;)

  14. :D

    Yea, they're from the cheese, it's dank as fuck but small yield. I think you'll get 2 zips with your 600w and advanced nutes, lucky :smoke:

    I think I need more space for the 250, going to move my vent fan to the outside so I can get more vert on my light... that's the source of the heat stress, infrared is too close I think. No matter though, since there will be some major upgrades after this grow, eh? 250's are for veg :smoke:

  15. fuckin a man....i hope i get 2 zips off that.

    And yeah.....use the 250 for veg....and pick up another 600 for the tent ;)

    1200w flower tent? ftw!
  16. :yummy: that blue berry looks fantastic bro. shit! and those clones your flowering are just like the icing on the cake lol great grow notsure
  17. still kicking arse in the dirt then NS, great pics of a great grow :hello::hello:
  18. Thanks for the kind words everybody, wish we could all get together for some fatties :smoke:

    I just got done applying another aact, this time I used:
    3 tbsp kelp meal
    3 tbsp molasses
    ½ cup ewc
    ½ cup Alaskan forest humus
    3 gal water
    48 hrs @ 65f

    I use Wiggle Worm ewc and it works for me, check out my airstones


    ^that's not sediment, lol :smoke:
  19. hows the smell ?

  20. The aact? There's no smell at all, but my buds are stinking up the place. :smoke:

    The cheese has a very unique smell and taste to it, very sweet and perfumey (but not in a bad way) ... blueberry is less sweet, maybe a little earthy with a hint of fruit. Can't wait to taste it!! :smoke:

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