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blueberry autoflower light and nute question

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by livinhxc, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. so with auto flower when should i switch my lights from the veg spectrum to the flower spectrum ? or do i just grow with the flower lights the whole time ?

    and another question is when for nutrients and grow journal sake should i consider it the first week of the plants life ? and when should i start adding the nutrients to the plant?
    the pictures are of the plants now . how old would you say the tallest one is ? it has been about a week and a half since it first popped through the soil.

    and also since it is auto flower do i start straight from the start with flower nutes? or should i start out with veg. and go to flower once i can determine sex? and if it was hard to understand what im asking just let me know and i can try and clerify

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  2. Hey. I think you're right in your last assumption. You should not give any nutes the first 3-4 weeks. Then you should start feeding veg nutes (low strength dose) until it shows sex. Then you feed with flower-nutes. Since it's autoflowering it should show sex in the 5 week or so depending on strain.

    And since it's auto flowering you can run it on 24/0 at least the first weeks and maybe throughout the grow-cycle. I don't know for sure, but I think some autoflowering strains will not flower while in 24/0 (most will). In that case they are just semi-autoflowering...

    Good luck with this man.
  3. thanks but how about my plant now from the pictures can you tell how old it is i planted it in the soil exactly 2 weeks ago so would hat make it 2 weeks old or is it from the first day they popped through the soil?
  4. From the day it first popped up. Looks like a week and a half...
  5. auto-flowering strains are good an 20/4 light schedule, they whole way through.
  6. with autoflower strains, no nutes are needed for about 3 weeks. At the 3 week mark they tend to start fowering so i would only use flowering nutes then (mine started flowering after 18 days so right on cue lol).

    I run mine on 24/0, there 26 days old and about 7/8 inches tall. I think they may get to about 15 maybe 16 inches?

    youll have fun with these, they look amazing during flowering lol
  7. thanks so right now the light that i have on the seedlings is the 6400 k and they are i would say exactly a week old now.
    when do you think that i should switch to the 2700k for flowering or should i have already done that since the beggining ?
  8. Thanks for the info Big_Jay. I have an autoflower on the way and I was wondering kinda the same thing. I wasn't sure whether to use just flowering nutes or veg nutes too.

  9. You can do it either way. I have read where people start theirs out like you and then switch over. Some go 24/0 the whole cycle or 20/4 using 2700K or HPS. Someone who knows more than me will probably know which way is best. For myself, I will be starting out 24/0 using 2 54w High Output fluros and then switch over to a 150w HPS after the 2nd week. Doing 20/4 through out the flowering cycle.

    Someone please correct me if I am wrong as this is my first autoflower too. Afghan Kush Ryder.
  10. No, I think you're right.
  11. i vegged with a 125w 6400k cfl and 3 23w 2700k cfls and now there flowering i have mainly 23w 2700k and a few 23w 6500k.

    The nutes in the soil will do for the veg phase i believe
  12. i would recommend switching to flowering lights at about the 5 week mark or at the first signs of flowering. As for nutes, i'm an all organics man, especially when it comes to the blueberry strains so I'd ride it through without. It would effect yield but the taste would be greatly improved. People say flushing a few weeks prior to harvest can get rid of any odd tastes but from my experience with the la diva strain (blueberry x ii diavalo) nute burn is almost impossible to avoid. Your plants are looking a little under the 2 week mark. great grow so far. i'll be sure to stay posted :D

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