Blueberry at Day 55 + a Purple friend

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Stash_Bastard, Nov 8, 2001.

  1. This is some blueberry at day 55.

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  4. I had more pictures I was trying to post but everytime I would upload a picture it would replace the last picture instead of adding a new one.I guess I will leave it like it is.
  5. Look at the snow on this things!!!! I think I just shorted out my keyboard with drool :eek:

    That is beautiful! I will be right over! hehehe :smoke:

    Great work on those monsters

    P.S. In case anyone is still unclear after seeing these pictures Stash IS DA BOMB!!!! And a really cool guy also.
  6. Thanks Chiller! :)
  7. Bout damn time I see someone else growing colas like I do......nice job man........
  8. Not bad Stash! What was the smoke like?

    I think I might have to get one of these spiffy camera's. Cool photography.
  9. Spectacular grow. Did you find that blueberry was an easy strain to grow indoors?

    Also what kind of lighting setup did you use?
  10. Whoa!I did not see your reply Ndica,Thanks.I like my ladies with some meat on them bones too!

    Hello Mulli_Melli and JStedanko, Thank you.Welcome to Grasscity!Blueberry is a decent strain with an o.k. high but just did not have the power I am looking for.The first few days smoking it were good but a few ounces seemed to loose its magic.It was grown under a 400 watt HPS horlilux eye,I would not say it was a hard strain to work with but It was a very light feeder.The same organic fert mix that I was using for my other strains had to be diluted by 50% to stop burning the leaf tips on Blueberry. I did like the very fat heavy and sticky buds but I gave my mother plant away to make room for new strains I am working with like Pure Power Plant,Purple Power Plant ,Bubblegum and some White Widow seeds will be going down as soon as I can squeeze them in.Take care Everyone

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