Blueberry and White Widow Grow!

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  1. I've got 3 blueberry seedlings started and 5 ww plants. Soaked the rockwool cubes into a ph of 5.5 under 2 42w cfls and 1 26w uva/uvb light as of 10 minutes ago. I have 2 more blueberry seeds to put in cubes, but they haven't germinated far enough along for me to put them in cubes, probably tomorrow afternoon.

    As you can see this is pretty basic and generic looking. Hopefully I'm off to a better start this time around. I'll post pictures when new information comes up.

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  2. Best wishes, I am growing white widow too.
  3. me too, mine are 2 weeks into bud how far along are yours,
    and fom what seed company?
  4. Mine are the dj shajman from dr. chronic for white widow. I think they're coming in ok.
    I want to make sure everything goes perfectly. planning on changing the lights to 12/12 september 15th, growing with advanced nutrients, starting the grow a&b in 2 weeks gonna be 12 total plants in hydroton bubbleponics system.

    Right now I told them that I want a refund because they lost some of their stock and won't be able to ship out until the middle of next week. I figured I can build it better on my own, but either way will work and I'll learn. I think my temps are good, feels under 80 but I made the mistake of ordering my thermometer hygrometer and not picking it up in the hydro store.
    I'm also germinating 2 og kush/g13 seeds. More to follow. :smoke:
  5. I'm worred about the one on the right on the 2nd picture. the stalk seems very weak, i don't know if it's going to make it, seems like they're looking ok so far. only time will tell. I know it's warm, theres nothing I can do, I live in one hell of a desert and it's August.

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  6. Hey man, very gently with some tweezers or something, take off the shell on the plant on the right.
  7. Please tell me youre not tryin to veg a seedling @ a temperature of 98 degrees! and if you are, no wonder why they look the way they do you are cooking them.
  8. I need a chiller, they're doing ok so far, it's only so hot because they have the humidity on top of them. They should be fine until I put them in my hydro kit on friday, Then next monday I'll start very weak nutes maybe.
  9. Im sure everyone will agree will agree with me when I say "no nutes for about 3-4 weeks when starting from seed. I start my seeds off under 1000MH as soon as they crack and dont give them shit till about 12" and they look awesome,
  10. Listen to our suspect.
    He's right.
    Wait until your plant shows slight symptoms of nute deficiency.
    Don't try to prevent that for chances are good you'll mess up the soil.

    Allmost everybody messes up their soil by trying to avoid nute deficiency or underwatering for that matter.
    Nute deficiencies and underwatering are far less dangerous then overnuting and overwatering.
    I messed up my soil in my last three grows like that, check my signature links to see where that road leads you......
  11. To give my seedlings a little boost I add in a couple drops of thrive alive per gallon and it seems to speed up growth. But above all the best thing you can do for your youngins is stable stress free environment:hello:.
  12. I'm leaving them be. Babies are only about a weak old, not very big.
    I'm wondering how long it's going to be before they're big enough for me to sex and take cuttings. I'll post pics if anything changes, but they look about the same, they're getting a lot of air on them, i hope that's strengthening the stem, the fans are far away though, and they're on a low setting.
  13. Sorry I guess I didn't realize I hadn't posted anything. I think they look healthy. These are my best two, the Blueberry is the one with the purplish stem, I don't remember the order I loaded the pictures in. I wanted 12 total plants, but I'm not sure if it would be worth it, the buckets aren't that big and they were a bad idea, but I paid for them so they must do for this grow. Think maybe I should only grow out like 4 sites on each bucket? Or maybe I should do a sog and try to get good colas, What kind of yield would you say I'd get from that?
    I'm going to be using advanced nutrients sensi grow and bloom, maybe sugar leaf towards the end, but that may be a complete rip off. Also will be using a 600w hps to flower, just a generic bulb (i lose points there too.) Next grow will be better, but I tried to get the best set-up I could. :smoking:

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  14. Usually takes about a month before they are old enough for sex or clones.

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