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    Grow Specs
    Strain: Blueberry From HGS
    # of Plants: 3
    Light: 400 Watt HPS/MH
    System: Deep Water Culture Bubble Buckets
    Nutrients: General Hydroponics Flora Series Using Lucas Formula
    Seeds sprouted on August 15.
    I will be updating with pics atleast once a week.
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    Week 1
    2 days later
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    looking good sofar dude
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    Thanks dude.
  5. mad good dude, ive been looking for some grows similar to mine to keep an eye on, see if everythings in check and what not ya know. Anyways it looks solid, GL:smoking:
  6. Lookin good Bro! I'm going to be watching your journal closely as I plan to do mine with all the same details as you. Will be my first grow. Unfortunately when I tried to order the blueberry seeds from HGS earlier tonight I couldn't complete my order. They are having site problems.

    Keep the details coming.
  7. Week 2 update (day 9 total)
    Tomorrow I'm switching the nute strength from 50 percent to 75 percent.
  8. lookin good, should start growing fast pretty soon :)
  9. Week 3 update(day 16 total)
    Roots are looking nice
  10. looking very good man, keep it up
  11. shitt why are your roots all so nice and white and nice looking:)

    Mine are all brown and shit..

    Nutes you think?
  12. Those roots are on fuckin ROIDS man!

    Keep up the excellent work.
  13. sick root porn man. wow, only 3 weeks? impressive. good luck man

  14. Well actually 2 weeks and 2 days. I just say 3 weeks because its the end of week 2 and the beginning of week 3.
    But thanks for all the encouragement guys.:smoke:
  15. Wow man. I am starting a grow journal tonight, my plants are 2-4 days old. If in 2 weeks they look anything like that, I will be very happy.
  16. hot damn looking good
    where did you get your setup?
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    Got the ballast, reflector and bulbs at a hydro store. I got the 435 cfm exhaust fan and ducting from ebay. And I built the dwc systems from Rumpleforeskins bubblebucket guide except I made some of my own changes.
  18. looking good and post some pics lol
  19. wow its looking healthy looks at those roots sexy only 3 weeks too. Maybe i should build my own bubble bucket too. Im working with a single waterfarm system so im only working with one plant but i have extra seeds.
  20. I am growing a Blueberry along with the other five in bubble tubs with the lucas formula.. My plants at twenty days are humongous... But I am starting to have some rust colored splotching starting in the middle of the plant working up on the fan leaves where the veins are and spreading out... Over time turning the ends dark and splotchy with a leaf up curl and eventual death of the leaf... I am extatic about the speed of growth but cannot solve this horror so with the lucas formula be a little weary of issues???? But overall Im sure its just me

    Good luck man setup is awesome and Rep +

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