blueberries are beautiful

Discussion in 'Bud Shots' started by mwk0us, May 12, 2011.

  1. Fresh picking

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  2. These are in the closet now 2 Blueberry 2 northern lights and 2 strawberry cough on there third week of flowering will keep pics posted as the bloom

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  3. Very nice, which breeder is the Blueberry from? :smoke:
  4. Seeds came from bc bud. Only planted one feminized and cloned off her. Same with the strawberry and northern lights. They should be done around the end of June beg of July.
  5. Sorry havnt been keeping up here the bud with my thumb on was takin today the others are a few weeks old these babes should be done by the end of the month ill take some pics when the lights come back on and post tmorw. There looking delicious.

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  6. must be nice to wake up and see those girls =]
  7. My ladies always come first in my world. And I'm surrounded by them my wife,daughter,step daughter and my female dog roxanne. The only ladies tht keep me sane are these ladies tho lol yes it is the best thing to wake up to. the smell alone is just fabulous.

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