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Blueberrie Muffins

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by ajroxit, Jun 10, 2019.

  1. 20190609_171931.jpg
    4 grams of the dankness... same stuff i roll doobies with. I mean, if you wont smoke it then why eat it, amirite (proper trim gets a pass of course).

    One cheapo onsale wtf ever floats your boat delicous boxed / packaged yumminess. This was a buck and i get 6 out of it. The bannana nut is stupid fucking good as well.

    Properly decarbed ganja. Nothing more nothing less. Left it chunky, think bong rip sized nugs and removed the lumber. 240*F for 40 minutes, remove, let cool, use.

    Ground up the decarbed ganja, added a touch of lecithin, 2 tblspn butter, mixxed everything together and baked as directed.

    Seriously though,
    240*F for 40 minutes, mix with a fatty oil like coconut or butter, mix everything together, bake as directed. Its. That. Easy.
    Im gonna go enjoy one of them!

    Dosage is around 150mg per muffin.
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  2. I just made a batch of brownies.

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  3. I just happen to be free today. I can bring milk for brownies and extra butter for the muffins.
    Excellent jobs, folks
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