Blue Widow

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by hippie john, Jun 10, 2003.

  1. Bluberry x White Widow hybrid.

    this stuff looks pretty damn good.
  2. now that i would like to try.........from a seedbank??.............Peace out.........Sid
  3. i dunno, its from NCGA, i dunno what that is though. sorry i put this in general growing, instead of seedbanks, but i was a little sroned last night:D
  4. National Cannibus Growers Association? sounds good but its just a guess.... Damn... blueberry x ww... damn that sounds yummy :p
  5. moved to the seed bank forum for you..............Peace out........Sid
  6. thanks sid:)

    brujah, that sounds right, i'll look that up;)
  7. i found some info.

    Blue Widow is a Blueberry hybrid from California.
    Originally bred by NCGA, this combines the original DJ Short release of Blueberry in 1998 with the classic '98 Aloha release of White Widow. The results are impressive. Test smokes seem to confirm that the great Blueberry taste has come through, replacing the acrid taste of the WW. Yet the massive trichome formation that the WW is legendary for remains.

  8. where can i get me some of these?
  9. stumbled in here from the recents.....
    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. that sounds delicious,

    anystrain with white widow heritage would be somewhat supreeme!
    any strain with Blueberry heritage, would be awesome.

    Blue Widow...

    Supremely awesome
    or so i can deduce. :D
  10. yay, someone found seeds!! too bad it doesnt say a price:(
  11. Hi all,

    For any of you wanting Blue Widow, its from a quality seedbank called Fluer De Mal, the only place i've seen them for sale is, should check it out, low low prices, great service and quick delivery. Got some on order myself!

    Comes highly recommened.
  12. comeon john lets goin half and half on some of those blue widow seeds there only $80
  13. i could use something like that around here hehehe
  14. I currently have access to the above for the very first time and I have to say that it is the cleanest, tastiest and greatest buzz I have had in my 35 years of smoking. Grown in dirt and ferts under 1000 watts. Some of her babies were planted outdoors to see if they could do the summer thing and appear to be quite healthy. Thanks to Doc for the wonderful gift of the seed. Your room at the B&B awaits.
  15. i chiefed upon some blue widdow a couple of days ago and it was a great strain. i really enjoyed this bud. it had a kind of fruity taste with a little bit of pine. its very dank and totally worth 20 a gram.
  16. BLUE WIDDOW IS A FREEBEE AT ATTITUDE RIGHT NOW. i got mine in the mail, but its crushed lol
  17. I grew Dinafem Blue Widow I got free from attitude. (UFO#4 Dinafem Seeds Blue Widow) Still puffin on it today and let me tell you it is a great strain. Effortless grow and took well to LST; kept it in the dark for the last 2 weeks. Has a tremendous couch lock effect, so I like to smoke it toward the end of the day; wonderful taste and smell. Highly recommended. :hello:

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