Blue Widow with no flavor

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  1. I grew my first grow in Pro ix Bx using Super compost tea during veg then Switched to Humboldt bloom for flowering .I ran 2 strains ,Dinafem Blue Widow and Dinafem Critical Plus .I always watered with .6 ph aerated water from start to finish .The Critical Plus tastes good but the Blue Widow is like smokin nothing.Its the blandest bud Ive ever tasted.Whats the secret to awsome taste and aroma.
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    how did you dry it? It is best if you cut off all the fan leaves, then hang dry it in a dark area, the slower it dries without molding the better, so make sure it doesn't get too humid in whatever area you choose to dry it. If you are drying a small amount you can do it in a box, and make two holes, one hole for intake and one for exhaust(when I made one I put extra cardboard over the holes at an angle so that light couldn't get in) then string some fishing line across the top of the box to hang the buds on, close the lid and blow a fan through the intake once a day for an hour or as needed to keep the humidity down. Once the buds are dry and the stem cracks crisply (about 5-7 days) cut the bud off the stems and put it into jars or any sealed container, fill the container with bud but leave space in there for them to breath so don't compact them, if you leave too much space it won't cure right. Keep them in temps from 65-75F in a dark place.

    After that open the jars every day for 15 minutes for the first 5 days, just to get rid of any extra moisture. If you notice a lot of humidity, you pulled it from the drying process too early, you can always put it into a paper bag to give it extra time to dry. Too much moisture and it can mold.

    After the 5 days are up continue to open them every couple days or so, to let out the chlorophyll. Your bud will be ready at this point but the longer you leave it in the jar curing the better it will get.
  3. Molasses during flowering
  4. This...and a good cure.

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  5. Unsulphered Molasses all through floweing .

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