Blue Widow pics,,,, almost ready

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  1. First grow so my expectations aren't very high,,, I'm pretty stoked to make it this far though.

    Has turned out pretty good so far,,, some problems with spider mites but I have them under control. 3 gallon pot but I wish I would have gone bigger. She has mostly cloudy trichs with a few amber mixed in and it's about week 6.5 of flower.

    How does she look? About how much longer should I wait? Any guesses on yeild? :smoke:

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  2. you got some nice colas!
  3. Thanks, I tried LST and it seemed to work pretty good. It has 11 tops or main colas I guess you would say.:hello:
  4. looking awesome love the purple edges on the fan leaves
  5. The purple looks great right. That just started in the last 3-4 days.

    I hope I get 2oz. or more. 1/4 pound would be awesome.:gc_rocks:
  6. More pics,,,, any guesses on yield would be great. I'm shooting for 10/3 as my harvest date. I think it will be ready.

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  7. oh man i think i can smell them. great job.
  8. hey are mine almost ready?

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  9. ummm yeah.............i would say so
  10. good shit homie. looks DEE-LISH-US.
  11. go to 10/10 witn no nutes... thank me later
  12. Yeah I stopped the nutes and did a flush about a week ago. All I'm using now is Blackstrap added to my waterings. I've noticed the leaves have really started to yellow over the last 2 days. Not all but 2-3 of the lower ones. 10/3 is just my targeted date,,, that will put it right at 8 weeks (56 days).:hello:
  13. 10 3 is good... but 10 10 is great... to test why not harvest one at 103 and one at 1010
  14. what a beauty my friend.Not sure about when its ready but ill bet its some damn good smoke.
  15. Thanks,,, I just might give that a try. I need to keep a close eye on her this week because the forcast is for 5 days of rain and low 60's for the highs.:mad:
  16. yes i would say, like now. Good luck
  17. buds look nicely filled in! Yummy

    Make sure to do a smoke report and some dry bud shots!
  18. Thanks,,, I can't wait.:metal: I brought it in the house for a little bit today to let the buds dry out. Been raining for the last 3 days and I found a small spot of what I think was bud rot.:mad:
  19. if the rot spreads fuck what i said and chop mate
  20. No spreading yet but I'm keeping a close eye on her.

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