Blue Widow Issues

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  1. Hey everyone :)

    This is my first grow with seedbank genetics and I am seeing some issues.

    Here's the setup:

    Tent: 15"lx15"wx40"h
    Lighting: 1 90W UFO LED Light
    Soil: Happy Frog (Brown Bag) (Unamended)
    Strain: Blue Widow (Blueberry x White Widow)

    Lights have been keep within 3" of canopy for efficiency.

    Temp Range: I have had heat issues, and have been using 1/2 gal Containers of frozen water to keep temps down. Temps range from 70F/75F with ice up to ~88F WITHOUT ice.

    RH: ~50-70%

    Normally I would call nitrogen burn, but I am using ZERO chemical ferts on this grow. Everything should be organic, which means it shouldn't burn?? Right?

    Upper canopy burn I attribute to it growing close to the light, but the lower burn (usually nitrogen caused) isn't really yellowing, just pale green and necrotic looking.

    I have supplemented the water (PH 6.8) with Superthrive, Liquid Karma, Root Excelurator, and CalMag.

    There shouldn't be any deficiencies as far as I know, so all you out there with the know-how and/or knowledge of this strain I could use some advice.

    P.S. The leaves feel a bit "dry" as in they may be transpiring too much due to heat stress. Obviously I need to get temps down, any other suggestions as to the cause of this "crispy" feeling in the leaves?

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  2. Do you have a ppm meter? It def looks over dosed
  3. Yes. But this is using no fertilizer in the watering. All ferts are in the soil already.
  4. How many days old is it. How many times have you given it super thrive and all that? What quantities. How's ventilation?
  5. Ventilating = 3 x 85 CFM Axial Fans (255CFM though I doubt it, in a ~4cf space)
    Temps are higher than I like, in the low 80s.

    Superthrive has been used to feed twice over a total of 2 weeks @ 1ml/gal.
    (~2 weeks old from seed pop in photos)
    No additive NPK ferts have been used.

    New growth shows no signs of burn/toxicity.
    Also I switched up the soil to a modified moonshine mix and it seems to
    be liking it better.
  6. LivCan, even with organics you can still burn them... When I added to much high nitrogen guano as a Top-Dressing it curled my leaf tips right into perfect little circles !

    Just saying you still have to be cautious ~
  7. Yeah obvi she doesn't like the heat..but as she gets older it won't be such a sensitive bitch
  8. Thanks guys. I'm breeding her for a mother (hopefully) and haven't played with this strain before. Time to get temps down, and I repotted her and so far so good. :)
  9. Check the Ph of the soil, 99% of problems people think are deficiencys or over dosing nutrients turn out ot be a Ph of the growing medium being off.

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