Blue & White Lights Clashing Spectrums? (fluoros)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by RaZoR_2004, Apr 20, 2004.

  1. I have a Matsushita Blue Actinik 2' Fluoro, and i have 2 4' 36W Cool Whites, i have the blue about an inch away and the whites are about 1' away ( i need to re-arrange my cupboard :S ) anyways, the whites over power the blue in brightness, will this affect the spectrum of light that the plant is receiving?? i have other lights i can add, Cool Daylight 18W (100W output) CF, and also Warm Daylight CF 18W (100W output).
  2. I woudnt worry about it i dont think it would make too much of a differece if any, I'd add the other lights anyway the more the better :D.
  3. watt for watt the cool fluros will have asmuch blue in them as the blue does but also some red.

    the fluro mix you have will be lacking in the red end of the spectrum.

    my advice is to replace the blue with a warm white to get some more red. or use what you have along side a small hps (70w maybe) and that would be a very nice little set up for a plant.
  4. forgot to add that theyre only a few seedings at the moment.

  5. Well, if they're in veg stage they don't really need the extra red wavelengths, I think they get enough from the cool whites... but, of course, when they'll be flowering he should have at least 2 warm whites in there...
  6. yeah maybe, they do still need red though and if they dont get it it will stunt them, i think thats why so many fluro grows get off to a slow start.

    wouldnt hurt to drop the warm 18watter in there atleast.
  7. I can see growth in these day by day, its a black light, but its called blue, i know its a black light because i have a tape measure in there and its a green colour, when the black light goes on it light up like a rave party. Matsushita Blue Atinic. BNot sure on the Wattage, it doesnt say on the box of fluoro...

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