Blue Stars

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  1. Would you take an hour and a half train ride for them? Pill reports says there MDxx Medium and test positive for MDMA. They say there decent pills. I've never rolled before and the only way I can get them is by taking 3 hours round trip train ride with my buddy. It will be my first time rolling. do you think it's worth the trip?
  2. I wouldnt take a 3 hour train ride for any pill.
  3. If it is a for sure thing that you're getting them, and it is the only way to get them then go for it. Pick up a good amount for future use. Last but not least, have a fucking blast!
  4. id consider it depending on the cost of the train and how many pills i was getting at what cost.

    im probably gonna be making a road trip a little farther than that to get some, but im going to that area any way for a friends party
  5. Hell yeah. Go for it, and roll on the way home! That'll be a train ride to remember.
  6. While that would be somewhat fun, I suggest you save them for a better occasion.
  7. eh, it's up to you i guess, personally that's too long a round trip for me.

    i've heard good things about the blue stars though.
  8. blue stars are dank

    train rides are not

    i dont know man
  9. Don't knock it til ya try it bro! They have really soft seats on trains that would feel wonderful to the touch, and the ticket collectors are really friendly and would probably have great conversations with you.
  10. if ya do, just watch out for any creepers who say "mi scusi"
  11. well if the cut your getting going down there is worth it then why not? i know if i only had to travel a little distance for a kckass deal i would deffinitly take advantage.

    if you dont mind me askin man how much you pickin up and for what price?
  12. I rolled for the first time on a blue star yesterday...twas nice.

  13. + rep.
    Well played sir.
    And to the OP, I wouldn't personally take a 3 hour ride for a pill.
    Patience is a virtue. I don't possess this virtue.
    But if you're getting them for a good price ($10-12 per pill, hopefully less) and can't get it easily anywhere else, I'd say go for it. And pick up a good amount so you can save some for later.
    You can save them since MDMA is pretty stable. I'd just suggest an opaque container (like a film canister), and put them somewhere that they won't get wet.
    I don't know about tripping on the train though. I don't think there'd be any safety issues, but MDMA makes time seem like it goes slowly (at least for me) and it would make that train ride quite a lengthy adventure.

    It's really just up to you, and how much you want the E.
  14. The blue stars that I have seen have been both clean and fairly potent. I'd say its worth it depending on how many your grabbing.
  15. I'm looking to get 10 for $120.
  16. to where? dude ur on the island theres mad shit here and in the city too...

    you also gotta calculate in how much its gonna cost to get and ur buddys train ride will add alot to that 120.
  17. If your only getting 10 its definitely not worth a 3 hour train ride. Especially 10 for 120

    If your going to take a long trip you might as well pick up alot.
  18. yea i would get more too if i were you, talk to your buddies if ya all throw down maybe the price will go down for more beans
  19. yea get baked then train ride there, get lots of rolls, take one, roll balls on train, go home eat more

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