blue spec still or red spec to 12/12 show sex?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by outdoorinvestor, May 20, 2010.

  1. can i keep my blue spectrum CFLs an turn lights to 12/12 to force my plants to sex or do i need to go buy red spectrum CFLs? an i know CFLs suck i dont need advise on that lol my main plants are outdoors so i dont wanna spend money on MH an HPS at the moment
  2. No doubt they will show sex with 6500k's. I know people who use them throughout flowering, not reccomended but whatever.
  3. ok good thanks bro
  4. it will work but the red spectrum will give you better results
  5. ugh then i will prolly just wait till next payday ha
  6. Well, with sativa strains especially, some people wait to switch spectrums after they switch light schedules to deal with the stretch.

    But switching your spectrum will make it happen quicker yes.
  7. Man if you are doing it outdoors and just want to know the sex of your plants and keep vegging, the cfl's that you currently have WILL work, might take bit longer if they are in the blue spectrum but will ultimately do the trick.
  8. It's the light schedule that induces flowering, spectrum just helps.
  9. Exactly, guy is growing outdoors just wants to see sex of plants, no need to buy more lights :)

    Just trying to help out.
  10. I was agreeing with you haha.
  11. thanks for all the info guy its much appreciated :)

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