blue snoopy thizzles?

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  1. i just copped a few of these blue snoopys and its actually shaped like the silohette of snoopy. i never heard of em and they arnt even on pill reports or anything. i took one about 40 min ago and i feel it a little but def not rolling. any one e
    hear of this shit. usually i wouldntt buy somthing i dont know is good but these were cheep as hell and i can just give em away if i dont like em.
  2. Snoopys are always BZP, its a notourious novelty press.
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  4. whats bzp? their really bitter but not that crumbly so i suspect low mdma content.

    ill keey you updated on the progression.
  5. you've been piped

    That sucks dude

    you'll probbaly feel like shit for 1 day and half

    flush em their garbage

    but Their are a few people who enjoy the high, IDK i've never done piperzine

    so maybe it would be more enjoyable with half doses and what not

    all the knowledge i've aquired from piperzine has been from

    this post was useless:smoking:
  6. High dose pipes isnt THAT bad, but the hangover is FUCIKIN insane.
  7. Which sucks because usually when I'm coming off a clean tab (never taken molly, sadly) I'll actually EAT before I go to sleep.

    Last time my wife and I rolled we rolled for about 4 1/2 hours, ate some donuts and passed the fuck out.
  8. yea off clean rolls i'll be rolling face then BLAM i'm sober the sleep like a baby!
  9. its been about an hour now and im geeked but no roll. like that other guy said, i feel the boost but never start to roll.. im gonna sniff vicks and do some lightshows and see what happens.

    is there any mdma in these or just straight pipe?

    edit: my colors are a bit messed up and darker like on a low dose of shrooms.
  10. so erowid says that the purple transformers were pipebombs too. i never had the purple ones but the red were sick. wonder whats the differance.

  11. Straight pipes, and not the loud annoying 5.0 Mustang kind.

    Color distortion could be TFMPP, it's got some known low-level hallucinogenic properties.

    That explains your half-geeky half-roll all-WTF feeling. Sorry mate.
  12. 'In fact the effects of TFMPP are more similar to hallucinogens such as LSD or (more similarly) mescaline, although much weaker, with the maximal 5-HT2A agonist effect of TFMPP found to be only 40% compared to the strong hallucinogen DOM.[5] So it would be more accurate to describe the combination of BZP and TFMPP as being closer to a combination of a weak dose of LSD mixed with amphetamine rather than comparing it to MDMA.'

    reminds me of highschool. Ahhhh, nostalgia.
  13. i took one nd didnt like it so i sold tae rest to my brother who proceeded to eat 7 of of these abominations in one night and now the poor bastardloks like hammered dog shit. trying to combat the hangover with xanax bars and valume and scotch. he did say it was ore hallucinagenc that x but not te same
    ill be straight tonight when i get some better love potion and hit te club.

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