Blue Satellite 2.0 under CFL

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  1. After completing my First Legit Grow, I'm ready for another go. This time, I'll be doing Blue Satellite 2.0 from Spice of Life.
    My space is remaining essentially the same with a few changes. I upgraded to 3 gal pots instead of the dinky 1.5 gal I used last time. I also expanded my light rig to accommodate additional bulbs.
    I'm still using CFLs. I know it's not ideal, but it's what I've got for right now. I think I may invest in a 250w or 400w HPS in the future.
    I switched around my fans a bit to allow better airflow and exhaust, hopefully heat doesn't become an issue with the new bulbs.
    And finally, I'm planning to use a scrog net later on in the process. I haven't really used one before so I hope I get it right.
    Anyway, here's some eye candy and I'll be back when there's something to update.

  2. Week 1 | Day 7
    We got sprouts! One coming in ahead of the pack, and one working hard to catch up. Last time, the one that grew fastest turned out to be a male. I'm curious to see if that happens again or if it was mere coincidence.
  3. I popped two seeds. One didn't take and the other sexed male, so this project is scrapped for now.
  4. Dust yourself off an try again!
    (Beyonce voice)
  5. Will do, and I think you mean Aaliyah. ;)

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