Blue Print

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by tetsuo_shima, May 6, 2002.


    An uncomfortable channel for self-discovery. There are no rules. There are no boundaries. Your are not your family or your friends. You’re a pale extension, so far away, so obscure that no one would ever recognize the figure of strange incredulity that you have become. A figure that pulsates from the pain and the pressure being put upon it by its grotesque society. So much pressure that they eventually all fade away until nothing is left. This figure sees the nothingness and the bleakness with no options for escape, but still lives with the rest of us. The futility of everything is brutal, yet there are no barriers. The eternal tone of things is quite clear and it’s horrid sound has stirred in this being a feeling that seems to be inquellable. This heart beats against it, but most likely beats alone. Life is a tragic comedy.

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