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blue planet nutrients

Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by frostyy, May 26, 2012.

  1. hey i was wondering if anyone has ever used blue planet nutrients on here?

    I have looked on other forums, and alot of people seem to have good results,
    im going to be trying out their organic line called farmers pride :hello:
    im pretty excited to see the results but it will still be a while( still seedlings) before they need any nutes lol..

    but ya if anyone wants to follow me along for the ride the link to my journal is in my sig and comments are more then welcome..
  2. frostyy

    I wouldn't ever consider using a product where the contact is a Gmail Account and then there's the product line itself:

    Farmer's Pride Organic Bio-Juice 0.5-0.1-0.6 - made from Sea Kelp Tea, Concentrated Alfalfa Tea, Worm Castings and Molasses

    Organic growers make this up on a regular basis - for chump-change

    Farmer's Pride K-Bud 0-0-7 - Sulfate of Potash (K20) and Elemental Sulfur

    Bordering on completely worthless and benign

    For less than $10.00 you could put these 'nutrients' together to create 20 gallons of concentrated base and you'd be using legitimate plant materials.

    A Gmail Account and a mailing address in Louisiana?

  3. thanks for the reply! where did u get this info? the line contains k-bud,dark matter humate tea,bio juice soil activator , organic micro,organic bloom,organic grow.

    i do not have much info besides the current journals for the line
  4. frostyy

    Here's the info on this company or at least what was provided when their Domain Name was registered:


    Stover Holdings, LLC
    10681 HWY 111
    Anacoco, Louisiana 71403
    United States

    I looked at their product lines - both the non-organic and organic products and in particular the actual ingredients. Pretty dismal all the way around.

    There is a company called something like Blue Mountain Organics and it's sold at eBay.com and that product line, while not perfect, is a very good place to start for a new grower wanting to use organic methods. Their products will serve you well, IMHO

  5. the current nutes i have are bio bizz grow and bio bizz bloom, just seen great results from bpn on 420magazine so was gonna give it a try.. but now ur comment got me thinking but if its not that good then why do people have good journals using their product lol ugh...
  6. Toss enough money or free 'nutes' at some people and they'll write anything that you want to see.

    It's the whole 'sock puppet' paradigm.

  7. Here's a link to Blue Planet Nutrients' entire product line(s). Hit each one you're interested in using and you'll get the ingredients and such.

  8. so do you think i should just use my biobizz grow and bloom or purchase something else?
  9. I'd go with 'something else' like buying Alfalfa meal, Kelp meal and even the 'Soluble Potash' (K2O) which is everywhere. Even Dyna-Gro Pro-TeKt which is always considered a source for Silica (SiO4) which it is but it also contains 3.8% Soluble Potash.

    Alfalfa meal costs around $15.00 for 50 lbs. which will make +|- 500 gallons of Alfalfa tea which is what they're using. A full bag of Kelp meal (50 lbs.) will make 1,000 gallons of Kelp meal tea which again is what they're using (and I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt on that one).

    Kelp meal can run anywhere between $50.00 to $100.00 depending on where you source it and where you live.

    All of these are available at feed stores and especially those that cater to horse owners. Get some worm castings from someone selling fishing worms and there's your nutrient program.

    Oh yeah - you'll want to get your soil dialed in. That's far, far more important than any feeding program. You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

  10. So Frosty, Now that CQ has led you to the real question: What bagged or custom soil mix are you using?
  11. *gulp* ffof about 30-35% added perlite, and that would make way too much stuff, i might just use my biobizz grow and bloom, just hope that i get a good result, cant really do any home brewing atm
  12. frostyy

    Can you find a boxed fertilizer product line called Down-To-Earth where you live?

  13. sorry i dont i have to order everything but the soil online, i am not gonna get enough hrs on my check so i have to just stick with the bio bizz grow and bloom i have, i hope i get decent results though
  14. No need to gulp. Just do the best you can and learn what you can from it. Just know there are better and cheaper alternatives for your future endeavors.
  15. i was originally going to go with promix for this grow but cant find it locally.
  16. A lot of info being thrown at you.

    I do not grow in soil, although I have been getting ready to do a side by side hydro and organic soil grow using the same nutes and clones off of the same mother, just to see the results. If I get real ambitious, I might add a coco pot to the mix just to see the differences.

    IMHO, CQ is giving you some good info, but it might be a little overwhelming for a new grower. CQ's advice reveals the reality that most nutes lines out there are pretty much similar, especially for the "Grow" and "Bloom" nutes. As CQ said you can really make your own stuff for cheaper.

    However, I think your biobizz stuff is just fine for your first grow. I am a real believer in adding enzymes and bacteria, but my lack of experience in soil keeps me from commenting on these. I would guess that some of these elements would be present in a good soil mixture, unlike hydro where we have to add everything to the solution.

    My suggestion would be to go ahead and use your store bought nutes for your first grow or two to get a feel for your grow and how you need to adjust it for your lifestyle. Then, begin to experiment with concocting your own nutes if you wish.

    Good luck! :smoke:
  17. Marsdude

    Aloe Vera juice = massive levels of plant enzymes - not derived from a pork chop or rotted carcasses as is widely used in consumer fertilizer mixes. Most (nee All) of what is used in hydro store products is sourced from China.

    I'm sure though that they have the enzyme thing down better than the pet food debacle, right?


  18. Have you ever had any experience with Bio-char? There is a local nursery that makes up their own and I am interested in the stuff. The guy at the nursery said it was fairly easy to make.

  19. Yes and no - I'm adding some to the worm bins and a batch of soil I have 'cooking' (I just love that term!) has some thrown in.

    What I actually know or understand though is pretty minimum but I'm game!


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