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Blue OX smoke

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by garden'nin, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. I hope this is the correct sub-forum for this topic, if not I apologize.  
    I haven't found much in the way of grow journals or smoke reports for Rare Dankness' Blue OX.  I was curious if anyone has smoked Blue OX, and if so, what was it like? Taste, affects, stone or high, etc.  My lady has Fybromyalgia; going off the breeders description it sounds like a good strain to help with her chronic pain.   
    Thank you for your help!

    Hello my friend!  I have the pleasure I getting Blue Ox directly from the breeder (Riverrock Dispensariy in Denver has partnered with RD).  I find it to be a very stony high.  Not a particularly favorite of mine as the resin production is on the lower end.  It lacks in taste and smell, but it makes up for in its high though.  Seems to be a quite unstable genetic so i usually stay away from it.  
  3. Thank you Mr. Tea.
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    "Blue Ox
    A berry version of the Rare Dankness Stone Mountain strain, Blue Ox is very strong and pungent, has tinges of the Bubba Kush mixed with the potent scent and taste of Blueberry. It has a mixture of Old Blueberry with undertones of coffee, chocolate, and spice.
    Beautiful blue/purple colour, with resinous dense buds as it gets close to finish. Can be overwhelming, The BlueOx, is very potent and comes on strong with a direct Indica effect. Has an intense feeling of relaxation and heavy body high.
    Medical Uses: Chemotherapy, Cancer, loss of appetite, nausea, headaches, muscle tension, pain, MS, Anorexia
    Additional Information
    Breeder Rare Dankness Genetics Old Blue x OX Pack Size 10 Seeds Variety Mostly Indica Sex Regular Yield Medium - High Flowering Time 60-70 days Medicinal Properties
    Medical Uses: Chemotherapy, Cancer, loss of appetite, nausea, headaches, muscle tension, pain, MS, Anorexia"


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