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blue mystic

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by ice#1, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. they are grown in the same cab as the strawberry cough so check that thread out for detailes on the size of the cab and the lighting
    oh yeah aka blueberry

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  2. one is already starting to smell like blueberries
  3. HIGH All, don't think I welcomed you to The City ice...welcome!!!!

    Looking good...first time growing the BM?
  4. yes its my first time growing blue mystic i've grown a few other name brand strains like northern lights, ice, big bud, afghani, and numerous bag seed grows
  5. giveing these girls the week off so the branches will get alittle thicker but they are getting realy bushy
  6. the first set of clones i took are almost ready to go into the flowering room i though they would grow slowly like the mother plants but last week some shot-up to around 6" inches in 5 days some of these clones already have 3" inch long branches will be putting them into flower some time next week just not sure when
  7. here are some pics of my blue mystic clones and one of the mothers this one is the one that use to be the shortest now she's the tallest and bushiest mother

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  8. Why are we growing that large of a plant in a plastic Dixie Cup??? I mean its not about stealth anymore since the plant is larger than the container its in, at least make the pot bigger.
  9. its about space if i put them in bigger pots then i have to throw some of the girls away
  10. my cam has been in the shop being fixed becuase it was draining whole batteries for just 1 pic but i got it back now so here is a few pic's sorry for them being blury i have to readjust the settings

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  11. lookin good...cant wait to see the final product!
  12. does it really have that much of a blueberry scent and does anyone know what the smoke is like, i wanted to grow this strain, ill defeintly be following this grow + REP
  13. this will be my second clone harvest the first i let them seed themself's so i could have plenty of seeds next year for outdoors as to the taste it was differant have'nt been able to pinpoint what she taste like for sure other than i have never tasted anything like it before but that could be from the thousands of seeds i made but i will know forsure in 3 to 5 weeks depending on how long it takes the glands to say she's ready
  14. i sat down with a bud of the 3 differant phenom's i got the 1st tasted nothing like blueberries and was a brownish green colar the 2nd phenom did taste slightly like blueberries and was a light blueish purple colar and the 3rd had a slightly darker coler but tasted like the first. but these were heavily seeded and 2 to 3 week's early as i just let them go till most of the seeds were ripe now also the 2nd phenom i got started turning colars during the second week of flower and the number 3 phenom was shortly after the 2nd by only a few day's
    but it is the luck of the draw and if there is a good mother in the package of seeds they send you a friend of mine his reacks of blueberries around the 6th week but his don't show any signs of turning blueing purple. i will order a few packs next time to get a better smelling blueberry
  15. heres the pic of the 2 biggest blue mystic clone's i have so far they had a combined weight of 47.3 grams wet it would of been closer to 60 grams if i would not have trimmed the lower side shoot's off they were 6" inches when they were put into flowering and were in a 1 gallon pot

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  16. so what do you guys think

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