Blue Mystic Seedling - yellow stripe on both leaves

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by chucktownbaby, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. There is a small yellow stripe on both of the leaves (first set - 2 days old). Could this be from being too close to the CFLs? They get decently hot. They haven't been watered since the initial watering before the seeds were put in the cups. The medium is organic soil with perlite. They have a fan on them and are under 4- 26W 6500K daylight CFLs.
  2. Hard to know. Pics really help.
  3. Can't put pics up, no camera. The stripes have not spread at all, which is a good thing. The leaves are curling under a bit tho, which is confusing me.
  4. How old are they?
    Have they received any nutes?
    What type of soil are they in?
    What are the temp ranges in the room?
    Do you know the soiil pH?
  5. 9 days old
    No nutes
    Potting soil with perlite (no nutes in soil)
    Temperature is around a constant 75-78 fahrenheit
    I have no idea about pH

    They are growing, but the blueberry appears damaged compared to the bagseeds it was planted with.
  6. How far are the CFL's from the tops? You might want to get a Rapi Test soil pH tester just to make sure the pH is OK.
  7. The CFLs are 1.5-2" from the tops, and I have a fan blowing on them and the plants to keep them from getting too hot. I'll try and find one of the pH meters. Thanks for the help.

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