Blue mystic - 250w HPS (My first grow)

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  1. Hey,

    I finally got everything set-up and got everything i need (or so i think) probably gonna need to complete the set-up but so far so good
    I got the Nirvana - Blue mystic seeds, they were all very dark in colour so im hoping they're good quality, i heard alot of people beefing them...

    Right now, i am sitting rather impatiently waiting for 3 of them to germ.
    I've seen that there are endless posts about germing, im using wet paper towel in a baggy in my growspace with a pretty ghetto warmed shelf i have created, wont go into detail but its working nicely.

    12hrs so far, i checked when i woke up none have popped as i expected but like i said, im impatient

    So, my set-up (until i have the extra cash to invest in some extras)

    My Grow Space:
    3ft x 2.5ft x 4.5ft (height)

    250w Hps
    Bio bizz all-mix soil
    Bio bizz Bio Grow+Bloom

    The entire growspace is covered with total blackout white sheeting, this is some seriously good stuff, no light is getting through that! so if your having problems with light escaping, you might wanna give it a go.
    I would of preferred mylar but thats too expensive right now

    Ill update this regularly, and cause im a new grower, i appreciate any feedback from someone with some experience. And other new growers out there id love to see what you are running and how yours are turning out!
    I will post pictures as my babies grow.

    Wish me Luck ill update when i get these to pop!


    HushedHustle :smoke:
  2. Sounds like you're off to a good start!
  3. Best of luck.
    Here to help you if I can.
    Don't hesitate to ask.
  4. Thanks guys! Just waiting for them to germ, I've been bad and checked twice but they look like they are gonna crack pretty soon. The kitchen towel and baggy method has served me well!
  5. I've had great success with the paper towel method - 100% germ rate with the plants I'm growing now. It's fine if you check them....being exposed to light for a small amount of time won't hurt them at all. How warm is the area your germing in? Just a little above room temperature works fine.
  6. Lookin good! I think I'll stay tuned if you don't mind. How many seeds are you planting?
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    Got 3 in germ right now, they were looking like they were almost ready earlier in the day, ill leave them overnight and check up in the morning, hopefully ill be planting them :)

    EDIT: Just checked them one more time :D all 3 of those little badboys have taproots sticking out!
    none of the seeds are cracked yet so im thinking ill plant them in the morning, i was dreading the germination :D

    I dont mind if only 2 survive because i think its better suited to 2, but i thought 3 would be a safe option :D
  8. Dont give up on the third yet.
    2's company. 3's a party. Lol
  9. Haha dont worry, ill try and keep all three :D Got some immense heat in my grow space, i planted them into soil now, its ok at the bottom, but its soooo hot inside and near the top.
    for now ive kept the doors slightly ajar (even though it makes the whole room light up) i need a fan but im broke right now XD
  10. When do you plan on planting them?

    I've had better luck with waiting until the taproots are about an inch long or so.
  11. ^ yup. And dont stick em too deep. Just under surface will do fine
  12. I'd say all the taproots were half an inch each, maybe a little longer, too late now seeing as i planted them but they are near the surface so hopefully they will be ok. its definately gonna be warm enough anyway lol ill post pics as soon as they sprout :)
  13. Yeah they'll be ok - I've just noticed the seedlings sprout a little 'stronger' if the taproot is a little longer. Are you gonna use the HPS for their seedling stage?
  14. Yeah, its the only light i have so i gotta use it, how long should it take for them to sprout? that way ill know if im doing something wrong :D
  15. Only takes a couple days. Keep em warm and moist. Not WET. Moist.

    Im gonna say by tomorow they will pop outta dirt.
  16. Also make sure not to get that light too close - too much light intensity can kill those delicate sprouts pretty easily.
  17. Interesting,think ill sub along too...i see roostas hhere on yr grow.
  18. Saw 2 of the seeds on the top of the soil today :) not long now, been keepin em moist an warm, its going pretty well so far, thanks for the advice guys your legends!

  19. Hahaha hardly. Glad they popped out of the dirt
  20. All 3 out of the dirt now :D the third is weaker than the others which i expected because the taproot was curled. one is already starting to grow its first 2 real leaves. good times!

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